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  1. do we now what the 1-50 leveling system is based of yet? ie credits, xp, trueskill etc
  2. Playa

    Halo 4

    most of 343i is made up of bungie employee's so they pretty much are. who cares who makes it anyway as long as it is awesome.
  3. rail gun looks great. one thing i didnt like is the lack of punch the shotgun sound effect has, sounds really weak in the vid when really its not. Its good to finally see the rail gun in action though.
  4. Playa

    Mhmm Enjoy!

    the spartan lazer sounds amazing. I think the sniper is lacking bass in each shot though. Hopefully these sort of details are the ones they say they are working on.
  5. Haha sorry for bugger around AD. I havent seen 4am in a long time.
  6. thats different...... dosent really fit to a reach montage though. It will be interesting to see what he does with it.
  7. Dedicated servers would be my ultimate dream for halo but as for the Arena system, i think it was as big a failure if not bigger. The division system was even easier to cheat than the 1-50 system used in halo 3 and didnt really show true indication of skill in my opinion. The Halo 3 ranking system before all the boosting and deranking started was good, it just needed a little more work to get right.
  8. theres only a couple of problems. first one is with the new account ranking up faster by going of their kills and k/d. people will ALWAYS find a way to cheat. its human nature to take the easiest way. The cheaters will just manipulate the network (ie standby) the other team and run around getting free kills on the people black screen. second problem is with the quitting ban after say 10 games. Not everyone has good internet and disconnections due to that and power failures, storms etc do happen often to some people. it would be unfair to ban them for measures out of their control. Great idea though and lets hope it is somthing along those lines.
  9. i have two female border collies. The older female is 1 year old next week, her name is mishka, named after the vodka ( apparently means little bear in russian wich suits). lol. our other one is an albino at roughly 6 months old now. Her name is Nala named after the white cub out of the lion king.
  10. wow spartan lazer sounds amazing aswell as the echo with the sniper rifle. Only thing i think the sniper needs is a little more bass to the shot then it would be perfect. sounds a little tinny.
  11. The reach system but with a few tweaks. Mabye change it so that you cant change your vote. it gets really annoying when people are constantly changing their votes. I think also change how if you have guests on, make it so they control their own votes instead of the leader having all the power of the guests votes. just a thought
  12. wow!!!!! graphics look amazing. cant wait to get my hand on the game.
  13. i prefer equipment. There was nothing better in my opinion. a whole team of players camping with shotguns and camo, or sprint and sword is not how the game should be played. Sure i could do that too but then the game becomes tacky and boring and just drags out. Bring back the 1 on 1 duels and team shooting and rely less on one minute of camo every 30 seconds. Thats what i would like to see.
  14. AD, are the times for matches final? The first match is set to start at 4:00am my time here in Aus.
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