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  1. So many great memories when playing Halo and made so many friends while playing them with others! Halo got me really into gaming and I made it into a career now into the gaming industry! Thank you for the post!! Love it!
  2. Rooster Teeth


    Welcome back!! I was also kinda gone but not really, just working in the game industry more hours lately.
  3. Welcome !!! If you Haven't already, you should try Halo: CE. Its really cool as well!
  4. Hello, Welcome to 343i community forums!
  5. Hello! Welcome to 343i forums!
  6. Hello Toasty! Welcome to 343i community forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. Hello, Welcome Nate to 343i Forums! I hope you like it here!
  8. I wish every detail from previous games will connect into Halo 5 in some way!
  9. I'm sorry you have to leave, I just got back after I sorted out my life out, but I hope you get your life sorted out as well!!! Your a great member to the 343 community and don't forget that!
  10. Welcome to 343i forums! I love to make Halo armor and play all kinds of game, especially Halo!! I like to cosplay in Seattle! I am a part of i big industry as a QA. I dont know what else to think of , so yeah!
  11. This will be really precious to me if they do remake Halo 2!
  12. I love your thinking, more than one choice! yes, something is up!
  13. When Halo 5 comes out, Then that same day I will get the XB1 Limited edition Halo 5! I want to see the new trailer!!
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