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  1. When reach was released, until now, how long did it take to get to inheritor?? Got inheritor earlier this week, so about 2 long years
  2. Reclaimer, 300,000 cr until inheritor
  3. Watch out hippie, I'm closing in on you! Only 970,000 cr until I reach inheritor
  4. unless he can get 100,000 or more credits a day, he will get inheritor, but I don't see him playing to get that much a day
  5. 1. What playlist will the jackpot be in later today?? 2. What will the July mm playlists have??
  6. halopedia seems to have more info
  7. Any one know how many there will be, because news on the limited edition(second ed) just came in from gametrailers.com
  8. Got forerunner rank a few days ago, and still getting the same amount of credits from a ff matchmaking game. Also I "heard" you get 10,000 when you reach inheritor
  9. I'll pre-order when they post what bonuses each edition gets
  10. I'm near the end of nova rank(400,000 left), so I'll stretch out the weekly
  11. Now that the main bungie site stopped updating I tried halo tracker and waypoint, and can't seem to find my file share
  12. Next update should have an update for firefight, by adding a vehicle olny for all gametypes
  13. Thought I would never get it http://www.bungie.ne...20Spooky%20Fish When that moment came, a small part of my mind thought about it
  14. Anyone know where I can message him??
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