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  1. a very good idea but they should use pelicaans for transports upgraded pelicans i mean
  2. idk why call of duty can't be friends with halo there both shooting games its not and you can't prove which game is better because of peoples opions
  3. halo 4 because black ops has the old stuff but halo has new things like spartan ops and new forge and awsome multiplayer.
  4. i am hunterex12 and i will attend all of them
  5. BR and DMR are diffrant weapons the BR is 3 burst and the Dmr is a long range
  6. the elites in halo 3 were heritics i think another name for a rebel elites
  7. which ones better because there both the same right
  8. i think so because i like the MLG game type its good for skilled players
  9. ilke the armor and the colors
  10. i like the way the weapon looks it looks like a machete and i think theres DLC
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