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  1. this thread is about halo reach there is another thread thats for clan recruiting :offtopic:
  2. there are plenty of other playlists that you can play Action Sack Swat Living Dead Grifball and any weapon that gives a player a advantage he will rush for it you take out rockets and replace it with a Shotgun? people will camp harder you just either need to play a different playlist or just learn rush for a weapon like everyone else Use the Advantage!
  3. not sure about rank but i'm fairly sure that there is not gonna be any new armor i think the tu is just gonna try to make multiplayer more enjoyable for everyone
  4. that and i'd like to see sum elite armor customization
  5. yeah call that playlist Heretics i'd play that from time to time
  6. most of the people in firefight destory the wraiths before they even hit the ground the warthogs would be a good addition with the new addition thats coming to firefight with the odsts fighting with you so you wouldn't have to depend on your actual teammates to drive you around so personally i don't see a vehicle only playlist for firefight happening just go in with some friends if you want the those commendations
  7. i don't even see any1 play the firefight customs so i think thats a waste they should just have fiefight in matchmaking and part of what dylan said too there should be a seperate playlist for ranked firefight none of that infinite overshield/ammo bs
  8. only people with a passion for halo should be working there no complaints here that guy left
  9. Th3 spartins was the first clan i joined i ever joined after that fell i apart i started my own clan which i later left after recieving an invite from BTB Synergy
  10. new system all together if you want to quit then just quit no bans just loss of exp/credits
  11. i think there should just generally be a playlist for all the dlc maps i've seen the other playlists that claim to have these maps but they also have hemmorage, countdown and others that are not apart of the dlc
  12. you really shouldn't advertise a clan your in on the forums because usually just veterans of past halo titles come here and they've already had their fair share of clans i mean at least describe what the clan you're in and why its so much better than the 500 other 1s out there
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