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  1. I might be able to make it to this ._. Not entirely sure though, could be starting to work if interview today goes well. So, for now put me down as maybe I guess ._. GT: Zaguroth (who woulda guessed o_O)
  2. I barely played the first one, but what I did play through, I didn't enjoy nearly as much as I enjoyed the second. The gameplay, graphics, characters and story were all way more appealing to me than in the first one (mostly cause of the mechromancer and psycho characters). As for the article, I love that they are doing this, have been planning on going back and playing through it again, but didn't have anyone to do it with. Now it's coming out for Xbox One with alllllll the DLC (ermagherd content). Definitely near the top of my "To buy" list XD Edit: Oh yeah, and since it includes the Pre-Sequel, that's an added bonus too o_o
  3. Zag do, Zag do! I'll more than likely be on at that time so, just send invite and tell me vat to do o_o
  4. Twin nitpicks too much lol.. (jk Twin ._.) Personally, I love what they showed in that video. Now we can make a huge map with working doors, bridges, uh.. uh.. other things... Yea.. Really excited to see what I can put together once I get my hands on it lol. Really hope they show the other 2 blank canvases. Part of me hopes they make one in space, but with better pieces than impact.. Stupid station tube things..
  5. Xbox 360 (Gold) Halo 3 (All DLC [ODST]) Halo 4 (All DLC) Halo CEA Halo ODST Halo Wars Halo Reach (All DLC) Gears of War 2 GoW 3 (AfaIk, all DLC) GoW Judgement (Should have all DLC) Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA 4 (Ballad of ___ Tony DLC[Need to redownload]) Borderlands 2 (All DLC cept 1 or 2 headhunt things) Borderlands 1 Destiny Minecraft Dead Island CoD MW2 Mass Effect 3 (All free MP DLCs) I have more available for 360, but they would be my brother's games lol. Xbox One (Gold) Battlefield 4 CoD Ghosts Ryse Son of Rome Destiny PC Steam Age of Empires 2 HD Edition Battlefield Bad Company 2 Combat Arms Divinity: Dragon Commander Empire: Total War Garry's Mod Just Cause 2 MP Mod Mount and Blade: Warband (and Napoleonic Wars) Natural Selection 2 Orcs Must Die! 2 Payday 2 Primal Carnage Robocraft Saints Row IV Sanctum 2 Civilization 5 (Brave New World and Gods and Kings DLCs) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Torchlight 2 Warframe Warhammer 40k Space Marine (Don't know if Multiplayer is still running for this) Non-Steam Diablo 3 (Reaper of Souls DLC) Starcraft 2 (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm) Minecraft Battlefield 3 Think that's it ._. Availability - For now, anytime any day. End of the month and into November, no clue, will be moving so.. Favorite genre For Consoles, FPS/3PS (Halo, Destiny, CoD, GoW] For PC, RPG or RTS (Diablo 3, Dragon Age: Origins, Civ 5, Age of Empires, Starcraft 2) Forgot internet connection... Atm, usually not too bad, but sometimes can be horrible (Hence the nickname Laguroth).. Dunno what it'll be like once I move >.>
  6. Ah. Well then.. Uh.. I guess I'll report it and have it locked ._.?
  7. Ok, I have no clue if this was posted already or not, but browsing imgur (like I usually do before bed) I found dis.. Now, I have no clue what exactly these things are, but they are (from the length I can only assume) for PS3/PS4 users. Figured might as well post it :/ Edit: Apparently they are infinite/multi use (not sure which) So.. They should all work. 2nd Edit: You redeem em on bungie.net o_o I think all they are is collectibles.
  8. Well, now I know the first thing I'm doing in H2A.. Firing off heavy weapons in enclosed places XD (Helpful that forge gonna be dere)
  9. Music sounds amazing o_o The guns all sound amazing too, saw some people saying they didn't sound right. Also, what's this about environmental shooting?
  10. Oooooo.. I should read up on the previous 5 updates lol. If all goes well and game codes bought in the US work in Canada, I should have Titanfall for Xbox One this week or next week o_O.
  11. Me too me too! Oh.. GT Lol.. Wonder what that could be..?
  12. "This pinata sucks! Where's the candy!?"
  13. Xbox One eventually. For all I know, could get it on my birthday which is the day after lol.
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