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  1. Me and my friends were the top of the leaderboard for matching at the end of the game. For preface, at the beginning of the game the leaderboards were on bungee.net the highest rank at first update was 19, then with the rank update the highest level in skirmish was 34, I was 33 at the time bringing me in the top 16 world. This was an extremely difficult task as there was essentially only one team of 4 ranked higher than me in the game at Team Skirmish. This list is the matchmaking leaders at one point in time after bungee.net stopped hosting stats and the leaderboards were moved to halo-pro.com FFA- xTxOxAxDX, FFA Slingshot, FFA Kevin we’re without a doubt the highest ranked in rumble pit, they often searched for games around the 44 level and would have a game with 4 people. Only the winner got xp and I believe 2nd place was a tie. Snipers- ThuG, Level 50. ThuG was the highest ranked, there was a group of about 25 who arranged games in snipers, it was considered legit at the time. Due to the large pool of people and the consistency they played, the group was all able to obtain symbols. Although in fact this group was very bad at MLG game types or slayer. When it came to snipes, I’m not even sure pro teams could of beat them. In fact, they wouldn’t of. Team Hardcore- Near the end of the game there was a group who arranged team hardcore up to level 43. I noticed Snipedown was Level 44, which to me was very odd as this THC group played consistently throughout the day, the only explanation was he earned his 44 weeks before the THC arranged games really took off. This was top tier game play and some notable names are: Showtime, conserve, muter, Chris, apex, coochie, soak. Team slayer- MEXICANSTUD achieved a perfect 50, no losses. Although his group was legit they bridged for host and backed out of games. Prior, when stats where on bungee a GT named KillWhitey was a top 4 team slayer, and winner of the first Gamebattles. Double team - TopPink (Author), I reached #1 on the leaderboard for sadly only 10 minutes, I was defeated by xTxOxAxDx who also at the time was #1 in Slayer, Snipes, and FFA. I do think I tought Toad a thing or two, I remember when we first matched I was the higher rank and then he excelled. Clan- xGxOxDxLxYx highest ranked clan of H2. After the update, clans were escalating in ranks much quicker than the other playlists. Clan was the first playlist to have a 50 and it was xGxOxDxLxYx who achieved it. The clan did achieve the number 1 spot legitimately but at the end of the game it was taken over with the Overlord trick and then eventually every member of the clan was an Overlord. There was 100 spots and this where some of the greats layed their account to rest. This is where my account TopPink ended along with some other noteables.
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