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  1. For anyone who sees this with the same problem, I found my solution. For me, my mic test in my Windows settings was working as I said, but I still was muted. I figured out that I was muted in my audio device settings. Since I use Realtek audio on my Windows PC, I went to the device's settings and unmuted my device after seeing it was muted. Now, I have no problems, and I hope this helps someone else.
  2. In matchmaking, it's common now for people to get booted from the game before it starts. Ever since Friday, someone gets kicked from the game almost every time. This should definitely be fixed ASAP.
  3. When playing the Master Chief Collection on PC, currently, I can hear people talking, but they cannot hear me. My mic symbol is not showing up on the bottom right corner of the screen in Halo 3 as if I have everyone on mute, and I do not see the talk bubble next to my name when in the matchmaking lobby. Currently, I have the following audio settings: Voice Chat Channel: All Push to Talk Voice Chat: Off Voice Chat Input Device: Microphone (the headset I have plugged in) Voice Chat Threshold: 0 I have tested my mic in my windows sound settings and it shows that it is working since I see the blue bars moving when I talk. So, the issue seems to be with MCC not picking up my microphone. Does anyone have ideas how I could get my voice chat to work?
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