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  1. Though I’ve enjoyed the campaign and the multilayer is decent, I just have this question. It’s no secret the game is missing content... but why is the store in the game if content is missing? The efforts put into the store could’ve been put to complete things that we more so actually care about such as story or multiplayer. The map selection gets repetitive, and even when I do try to play multiplayer especially big team battle I just get error messages and have to constantly restart my app until it allows me to get into a game, but we have a shop to make up for it I guess? Overall I do enjoy the game mostly the campaign but do feel like it could’ve been longer and more things to do around the map. I enjoy multiplayer sometimes but it’s very repetitive at the moment. Would love for us to be able to play as elites and Spartans on multiplayer again that was one of the coolest multiplayer features ever in halo. Just feel like the game is lacking content for how long it was in development.. and glitches especially got queuing up for multiplayer make me just want to turn off my system sometimes.
  2. Kinda was hoping to have playable elites online again, would be great if added later on. Being able to choose between elite and Spartan, and having elite armor is fun for multiplayer
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