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  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to say how much I love Halo Infinite! You guys did a fantastic job on the new multiplayer and can't wait for the campaign to be released December, with that being said. I never speak out about it but, I am really concerned about the latest article on kotaku "Halo Infinite Cheaters Are Insta-Clicking Heads With Aimbots" as I thought, I was just imagining some foul play online and it was just me with some "really bad luck"... I have noticed small things here and there, but after reading the article, I realized that I wasn't wrong and now fully aware that this is becoming a major issue and very quickly at that! The cheaters are out in full force like the article states, and they are resorting to dubious tactics like aimbots/wallhacks etc... " I can just imagine the cheaters reading this post and going "yes we are, yes we are muwahahaha"... I know that Warzone was flooded with cheaters until they hardware locked them and it helped a lot and things became normal in some way. I do not know what the technical hurdles or financial hurdles this may imply, but please consider this method as it was by far the most effective imo and from what I saw people returning to warzone after they implemented it. In our nature, there will always be "that guy" trying his luck so I am not looking for the 100% bullet/tank proof system, but at least we have something that keeps the game from being ruined by continuous bombardment of foul play. Hope this raises some awareness. Let the Ban Gravity Hammers Rain!! Love you guys
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