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    Yes im new, well old actually, & in fact, returning to this forum. I figured I would jump on the forums to vent & rant about what a sizable mound of faecal matter the MCC is on steam. It seems though it has all been said before & fallen on deaf (or maybe just chuckling on the way to the bank) ears. Thing is I have been playing Halo since its release on PC (when a pistol could kill you across the canyon), I have purchased multiple machines to play it on & every version of the game, some multiple times. Unfortunately I have now decided, after hours of anger & frustration at the delivery of such a substandard offering, that I wont be purchasing any more. I will stick with my (other branded console) & play the myriad of games available to me. I only setup steam & purchased MCC so I could enjoy some gaming with my sons, alas, the atrocious delivery of the multiplayer version has killed that idea. Whoever is responsible for releasing this product to market in its current form should be ashamed of themselves, but hey, I guess money talks in the end. Cheers
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