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Meet Your Maker - Dominion Map Submissions Thread

Absolute Dog





The "Meet Your Maker" Forge Contest Series is back and is now looking to our forge community to build in what is arguably the toughest game type to forge for, Dominion. This game type, created by Certain Affinity, has captured the interest of some of the best forgers in Halo for a reason. We challenge all forgers to bring their creative ideas and technical forge skills to any forge canvas you choose and build your ideal Dominion map!


This is an official map submission thread for the "Meet Your Maker" - Dominion Forge Contest!



Submissions will be received until 11:59 PM EST September 6th 2013


Forge Rules and Guidelines


Three bases only are required for this contest.

Maps must be compatible with 6 V 6 player Dominion.

A maximum of two (2) submissions per forger or forge group.

Base resupply set based on match making standards, per the new update.*

Only one capture terminal per base and only capture terminals may be used for base capture.

Initial weapons spawns to be set by the forger.

(a tutorial will be provided for reference)

All vehicles may be used.


Submission Guidelines


Provide your file share gamer tag.

Provide a link to the map in your file share.

Provide the map name without any prefix or suffix, ie "Version 1", V3.1, Final, etc.

Provide the forge canvas, ie Ravine, Impact, Erosin or Forge Island.

Maps must be tagged "MYMDOMINION".

Maps must be present in the provided file share for the duration of the contest and judging.

Provide a maximum of three images and/or single video per submission.

Maps must be the original creations of the submitting forger.

No remakes of any existing Halo maps past or present.




First Place:


Champions Bundle which includes the Bullseye Map Pack, the Infinity Armor Pack, and the Steel Skin Pack, plus loads of new stances, armor skins, and new and colorful weapon skins.

Signed concept art of Ravine, Impact and Erosion by Certain Affinity.

Interview with the judges of "Meet Your Maker" on THFE.

Feature Video on THFE (The Halo Forge Epidemic).

Map featured on all participating sites.

Certain Affinity T-Shirt.



First Runner Up:


Your choice of signed concept art of either Ravine, Impact or Erosion.

Feature Video on THFE (The Halo Forge Epidemic).

Map featured on all participating sites.

Bulleye Map Pack.


Second Runner Up:


Your choice of signed concept art of either Ravine, Impact or Ersion.

Feature Video on THFE (The Halo Forge Epidemic).

Map featured on all participating sites.


All forgers are encouraged to fully test their creations either in private lobbies or custom game lobbies at

HaloCustoms. There is a dedicated group of forgers and players that actively participate in map testing there who can offer quality feed back.


Consider using

Zandril's Map Maker Pack to assist judges and players alike with an easy to view placement guide of all notable forge features.


List of some judging criteria for forgers


Spawn points placed in a manner that offers proper directional movement, supports 6 players per team and close enough to any vehicles dedicated to a particular team.

Respawns facing in the proper direction, in a high enough number to prevent any spawn camping and enough in cover to reduce respawn exploitation from power weapons.

Ensure any spawn points used outside of maps during forge have been removed.

Considerations of safe zones.

Proper use of soft and hard kill zones to prevent out of map game play and exploitation of structural features or environment not intended for play.

Ensure ordinance drops, weapons spawns, players, vehicles, man cannons and other items are properly placed and/or do not become trapped or stuck in features of your maps and that all areas not intended for play are blocked from players.

Double check all spawn times on weapons, vehicles and ordinance as needed.

Be sure your map make proper use of color, distinct features or orientation that allows players to quickly orient themselves and provide team mates with accurate call outs.




Base Resupply Sets



Four Drops per base:


2 Grenade Drops


Plasma Grenades 2ea.

Frag Grenades 2ea.

Pulse Grenades 2ea.


Assault Weapon Drop


Assault Rifle


Storm Rifle


Plasma Pistol (optional)


Precision Weapon Drop


Light Rifle


Battle Rifle


Spartan Laser

Spartan Laser (optional)


(Having two spartan laser slots slots gives the laser a higher chance of being dropped)


Prizes offered by 343industries.org and THFE. The "Meet Your Maker" forge series is supported and promoted by 343industries.org, THFE, Halo Customs, Forge Cafe, Forge Hub, Online Knights, Mr Pokefile, The Halo Network and various other YouTube channels of participating sites.

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