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Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 10 Trailer



This is the last and final episode of Season 1,but will season 2 be better?




Next week 343 Industries will wrap up the Halo 4 Spartan Ops campaign. Today they've released a cinematic trailer that provides a glimpse at the tenth and final episode, called "Exodus."


In Episode 10, Jul 'Mdama is about to achieve his goal of acquiring hidden Forerunner technology. It falls to the Spartan soldiers of the UNSC Infinity to stop his plans. This finale will play out over five missions and a new CGI cutscene.


The Spartan Ops campaign can be downloaded for free by any Halo 4. New episodes have been released on a weekly basis since the game's launch, aside from a holiday hiatus. 343 has described these ten episodes as "Season One," leaving the door open for future digital campaigns. Will Season Two be released for Halo 4 or the next Halo?


Episode 10 will hit Xbox Live on Monday, February 18th at 3 AM PST.

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Italy are now five points clear of Serbia and Slovenia, with a game in hand.

The score remained unchanged until half-time, but Bari striker Gergely Rudolf drew the visitors level within one minute 2014 world cup jerseys of kick-off in the second half before a sharp volley from Zoltan Gera nudged Hungary ahead. Wesley Sneijder drew the hosts level on the hour and Ruud van Nistelrooy restored their advantage in the 72nd minute, only for Gera to bring Hungary level again just three minutes later.

Like Spain, the Dutch are yet to drop points in six games in Group E and ended the night nine points clear of Sweden, who beat Moldova 2-1 and have two games in hand. Hungary are third, level on points with Sweden, but having played two games more.

In the evening's other Group I match, the Czech Republic galvanised their grip on second place by winning 2-0 at home to bottom side Liechtenstein.

Xavi gave the visitors a 20th-minute lead with a deflected shot, but Marius Stankevicius -?who plays for Spanish club Valencia -?drew Lithuania level in the 57th minute with a sensational low drive from 30 yards. We have a foot and a half in the EURO. Spain creator Xavi

Spain now have a six-point lead in Group I, after seeing off Lithuania on a bare and frozen?pitch in Kaunas that had prompted calls for the game to be postponed. "It was important to win today despite the lamentable state of the pitch," Spain midfielder Xavi told Telecinco. "It's just sand, it's sad to see a pitch like that. You can't play football here. But we're happy. We have a foot and a half in the EURO."

The Netherlands, beaten 1-0 by Spain in last year's FIFA World Cup? final in South Africa, needed a late Dirk Kuyt brace to soccer jerseys cheap see off Hungary 5-3 in a memorable encounter at the Amsterdam ArenA. The Hungarians were gunning for revenge after being thrashed 4-0 by the Dutch last Friday but they fell behind to a 13th-minute strike by Robin van Persie.

Elsewhere, Belgium closed to within five points of Group A leaders Germany by beating Azerbaijan 4-1 in Brussels. Guus Hiddink's Turkey defeated Austria 2-0 and are now a point behind the Belgians in third place with a game in hand.

Kuyt got on the score-sheet for the first time three minutes after Gera's equaliser and then killed off the game -- and a frantic period soccer jerseys cheap of scoring -- with his second and the Netherlands' fifth in the 81st minute.

>Defending champions Spain beat Lithuania 3-1 today to remain unbeaten in their UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying campaign, while the Dutch edged Hungary in an eight-goal thriller in Amsterdam.

In Group C, Serbia, Northern Ireland and Slovenia all failed to make up ground on leaders Italy. An 84th-minute equaliser from Estonian attacking midfielder Konstantin Vassiljev saw Serbia held to a 1-1 draw in Tallinn, while Slovenia's trip to Northern Ireland ended in a goalless stalemate.

The world and European champions re-established their advantage cheap authentic soccer jerseys just eight minutes later, however, when defender Tadas Kijanskas put through his own goal under heavy pressure from Fernando Llorente. soccer jerseys from china Stankevicius's Valencia team-mate Juan Manuel Mata finished a slick move to make it 3-1 with seven minutes to play, as Spain recorded their fifth straight victory in the qualifying tournament.

Belgium, Turkey stroll



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Howard Singer Changed As Sony CEO And President - News - usted Critiques


Despite handling to seamline Sony functions in his last 3 many years in cost of the Japanese giant, Howard Singer has unsuccessful to provide a profit for the company and in a bid to reverse this pattern, the company has inoduced that from 1 April, the current head of its PlayStation and consumer eleconics company, Kazuo Hirai, will consider more than as CEO and President.Singer, who took charge as CEO of the business seven years ago, stated in a assertion today that he has been operating on a succession plan for the business for the last three years and it was Kaz Hirai, who distinguished himself via his function in the PlayStation and networked entertainment companies who stood out the most. Singer will carry on as Chairman of Sony Corporation until June when he will consider the function of Batterie pour ASUS A32-F5 Board Chairman, changing Yotaru Kobayashi who is retiring. Hirai is also expected to be appointed to the board at the June shareholders assembly.img alt="Sony President CEO Batterie pour ACER TM07B71 Howard Singer Kazuo Hirai" src="http:static.ustedreviews.com94|000021f1b|08ae_c2b5a4-1955-sony-e3-2011.jpg" id="news-11194-88598"Hirai, noticed over at the launch of the PS Vita, thanked Singer for his song leadership over the final 7 many years. He also took the chance to clearly established out exactly where he sees the company heading in the next couple of many years: The path we should consider is clear: to drive the growth of our main eleconics companies - primarily digital imaging, intelligent mobile and sport to turn around the tv business and to speed up the innovation that Batterie pour ASUS A32-F2 allows us to produce new company domains.Sony is dealing with its fourth saight year making a loss and its stock cost is at a twenty yr low. It is suggling to contend with the likes of Samsung and Apple in phrases of quantity of production and revolutionary goods.Hirai is credited with turning about Batterie pour asus A41-A6 the loss-creating PlayStation division of Sony because he took conol of it and he will need to do something comparable, albeit on a a lot bigger scale, if he is to be successful as CEO of Sony.Supply: Sony via Wall Seet Journal











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