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Halo 4 Episode 7 Trailer





Episode 7 is gonna be a very whacky episode with arguing and many lossses.


343 Industries released a trailer for Episode 7 of Halo 4 Spartan Ops this morning. The episode, entitled "Invasion," puts the crew of the UNSC Infinity on the defensive.


In Episode 7, Catherine Halsey decides to make an underhanded deal. She's confronted by Lasky but this encounter is cut short by an attack. The Infinity has been invaded by a force of Promethean Knights. All the while, Jul 'Mdama is getting closer and closer to unlocking the Librarian's secrets.


Episode 7 has five new missions. They can be played solo or with up to three friends. The story of the Episode will be set up by a new CGI cinematic, teased in the trailer above.


343 will release 10 spartan ops episodes in total. All of the episodes are free to download. This "season" will conclude on February 24th.


Episode 7 will be available at 3 am PST on Monday, January 28th. The new Spartan Ops content will be accompanied by a grifball only playlist.

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