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Team Snipers Update: The Ark and Opticon

The Fated Fire

Team Snipers Update: The Ark and Opticon






This coming Monday, The Ark (by yours truly) and Opticon (by SaItykoalabear) will enter the Team Snipers playlist alongside Pitfall and a new snipers gametype called Snapshot. Check out and download the final builds of both forge maps below. The standard option links to the variant optimized for standard gametypes (Slayer, Extraction, KotH, etc.) and the Team Snipers option links to the variant optimized for Team Snipers (all initial ordinance, weapons, and grenades removed).


The Ark

Forged by The Fated Fire

Player Count: 4-8


The Ark is an asymmetrical map designed for Slayer, 1-Site Extraction, and King of the Hill. The primary design goal was to create an open asymmetrical terrain map with several unique landmarks which would lead to the development of unconventional callouts. The diverse selection of sight lines and rotating power positions creates an environment suited for strong team play and strong individual play. In Team Snipers, expect non-stop cross map sniper battles and a constant concern for your safety.















Forged by SaItykoalabear

Player Count: 4-8


Opticon is a symmetrical arena designed with a strong focus on top-mid control. This beast has been one of my favorite forge maps since Salty built it several months ago, and it is very awesome that the map is finally headed into matchmaking. The curving pathway from each team spawn leads to the neutrally located lift and the center of most action on the map. In Team Snipers, expect a constant struggle to secure the various lines of sight that cut through the middle structure, and always watch your flank.











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