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Steams Making a Controller

Silent Orbis

As you all may know by now, Valve had a very special week last week. It was their transition to living room gaming, potentially as a rivalry with the upcoming Xbox One, and Playstation 4. They had a 3-Part announcement all week.






As you may know, the first announcement was about Steam OS... a Linux based operating system designed for gaming in the living room.






Second, was on Wednesday. Steam Machines was announced, which most know as the "Steam Box". Specifications will be customizable, as Valve is promoting hacking, and modding. Select companies, will have certification to make their own Steam Machines... an Alienware Steambox, anyone?






This is the best innovation I've seen in, well, 2-3 years actually. The next controller for PC's (any version of Steam) , and the Steam Machines will be:









It's beautiful. Let me explain people...


The two discs on each side, are track pads. Now they are track pads, and they are clickable as well,


and in some situations, DO FUNCTION AS speakers!!

Then, in the center is a High-Resolution touch screen, that is a second screen in most cases,


and can be used to scroll, etc. It's stunning.


Then you have 4 buttons around it, 3 under the screen, and then on the back of the handle,


you have two big ones - basically a clickable handle.


Then, the triggers, of course.



In fact, here is a controller layout for Portal 2 that Valve provided:





P.S. It's also fully hackable.




It Has Innovation Written All Over It.



It differs greatly from our commonly know Xbox and PlayStation "Dual Shock" controllers.


It is designed to combine the standard PC gaming mouse and keyboard, with the pro gamer controllers.


It is a perfect combination, providing adaptability on both sides of the spectrum



Read More at:


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