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Ridley Scott Working on Halo Digital Feature With Microsoft


Ridley Scott, known for his work on Alien and Blade Runner, will be working with 343i, Microsoft, and other legendary film industry names to produce a separate Halo Digital Feature.


The Halo TV Series has been under wraps for quite some time, and rumors began circulating as to whether a film might be in production. According to TheWrap.com, we have a separate feature on the way for the Halo franchise. Listed people include the legendary Ridley Scott, Paul Scheuring, and David Zucker, taking on the roles of Executive Producer, Writer, and Assistant to the Executive Producer. Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, known well for Battlestar Galactica, is confirmed to direct the feature. This will likely not hit the big screen and remain as a digital or DVD copy at best. Additionally, Microsoft said that this film is, “completely separate from the premium Halo television series executive produced by Steven Spielberg, which is still on track.” as well they stated that the plot would follow a, “surgically-enhanced super soldier who is not Master Chief”.


View attachment: halo__television_series__by_f1yingpinapp1e-d6zys54.jpg


With this news, do you think this feature is in good hands? Do you think production of this could affect the main TV series? Let me know below! Credits to FlyingPineapple on DeviantART for the fan-made image.

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