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Neil Blomkamp to direct pilot of the Halo TV series?








According to

CVG Neil Blomkamp may be directing the pilot episode of the Halo TV series, the series was announced at the Xbox One reveal last year and Steven Spielberg will be in partnership with it. Neil Blomkamp created live action shorts "Landfall" to promote Halo 3 and he was set to direct a Halo movie but was later canceled.





This was originally reported on

Latino Review, no official public announcement has confirmed this but they stated the news came from trusted sources.





"You know who is directing the Halo pilot?"





"According to trusted sources, I’m hearing none other than NEIL BLOMKAMP!"





What do you think of this news? If reports are accurate would you like to see Neil Blomkamp direct the pilot and then go on to direct the whole series?



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It *could* be great, but best not to get too exited. TV series come and go and are cancelled if pilots or the first couple of episodes don't get 10 million viewers (or sometimes seemingly on a whim).


TV being a totally separate medium, with a separate audience to the game's target audience, it will be interesting to see how well it translates from the monitor to the screen.


I reckon a better option would have been an animated series following the release of Legends. With lower production costs, and less of a financial risk, if not translating to the screen well it could have continued as DLC.

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