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Microsoft to Announce First 100 Backwards-Compatible Games for Xbox One


Microsoft will be announcing the first 100 Xbox 360 games that will be compatible on the Xbox One next week.





Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced on Twitter that Microsoft will be revealing the first 100 Xbox 360 titles that will feature in Xbox One's backward compatibility feature next week on Nov 9th. Microsoft first announced backward compatibility on Xbox One at this years E3 back in June. It came as a big and an unexpected announcement for Xbox fans and got many of them excited about it.


A number titles have already been confirmed to be brought over to Xbox One, and many others have been included in promotional images so it maybe safe to assume they will be included too. But another big question that has been lingering is which one's will be up first? Well the wait is almost over as we will get the answer next week. Microsoft did confirm that not every title will make the crossover, but they have given the fans the chance to vote for which titles they'd like to be playable on the Xbox One through their voting page. So get voting.


What 360 titles would you like to see compatible on Xbox One? Have you voted for any? Let us know what you'd like to see.



Source: IGN

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