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Halo 5: Memories Of Reach Update Preview

Unease Peanut

It has been known for quite some time now that the Memories of Reach update would deliver Infection. With this months preview we get some more information on it. As of this moment 343i is working on creating, selecting and playtesting both self created and community made maps. The most interesting part lies in the Forge department as a load of items have been added to the Forge pallet to create the best Infection maps. We're speaking of damaged walls and structures, dead bodies (both human and covenant) and all sorts of indications of mayhem here.

Forge Team get on it :hrhr:

The standard settings of the Infection playlist you'll come across online have also been shown and I'll paste them down here:

  • Total player count: 12
  • Number of rounds: 4
  • Round time limit: 3 minutes each
  • New Custom Game option: “Last Squad Standing”
  • Spartans have all Spartan abilities (naturally!)
  • Infected have Thrust, Smart Scope, Stabilize
  • New medals

Speculate below what you'll think the medal requirements will be :D


As with every content update, we also get another load of REQs. And also as always, some of them are blurred out. What's interesting is that this time one of the legendary REQs hasn't just been blurred, it has been completely blacked out and has an ONI symbol on it.

Check it out:




As you can see the Weapons skins that were earlier available in the Spartan REQ pack are now available in regular REQs (aside from de 343i skins). The Brute Plasma Rifle also makes its return to Halo!

Speculation on the blurred REQs has already gone wild across other media. Rumor has it that the blacked out 'ONI' REQ is the Falcon, but I'm still hoping for the legendary Reach Forklift. Wouldn't that be something?

In any case the Mythic blurred weapon appears to be Jorge's HMG. A thought that is supported by the fact that the Legendary stance appears to be your Spartan holding something rather big and heavy.

The blurred Mythic armors and Helmets are all of the Noble teams gear which were shown briefly in the infection

The blurred assassination leaves everything to your imagination. I for one have no idea what it will look like.

The blurred weapon at the bottom appears to be the DMR with the same attatchment as all other loadout weapons shown on the list. Which got me thinking... why blur it when you can clearly see it's the DMR with the same attatchment as all other weapons shown?

In any case post your own thoughts on the blurred REQs down below!


Moving on we have a weapon balance coming. More specificly, a REQ weapon update. 343i has researched and noticed that some of the Power weapons in Warzone were underperforming. So here's a list of weapon tweaks that will come with the update in the following weeks:


Plasma Caster: Default

  • Reduced non-charged timer from 0.5 to 0.3 (less overshooting of enemies)
  • Sticky grenade has less arc (to be able to place it on the map more reliably)
  • Sticky grenade detonation is now more damaging vs. vehicles, but less damaging vs bipeds (will still kill bipeds in one shot when stuck)
  • Increased sticky grenade submunition damage values from 43 to 75 (indirect fire from a sticky shot can now actually kill!)
  • Sticky submunition grenade inner AOE increased from 0.65 to 1.0

Plasma Caster: White Scar

  • Needles have improved aim toward nearby targets

Plasma Caster: Scourge of Fire

  • Sticky shot now has 7 submunitions instead of 5

Hydra Launcher: Default

  • Reduced recoil in hip
  • Increased inner AOE radius from 0.4 to 0.8
  • Increased impact damage to make it more effective against vehicles (still two rockets to kill Spartan)

Hydra Launcher: Typhon

  • Enabled multi lock on for up to 3 targets
  • Increased impact damage (still two rockets to kill Spartan)

Scattershot: Loathsome Thing

  • Increased number of hardlight projectiles to be same as normal scattershot (5 -> 8)

Rocket Launcher: High Five

  • Increased AOE radius on cluster rockets

Binary Rifle: Twin Jewels of Maethrillian

  • Reduced recoil
  • Placed twin projectiles a bit closer together for easier biped targeting

Covenant Carbine: Rain of Oblivion

  • Reduced recoil
  • Increased zoom magnification a bit (closer to default Carbine)

Incineration Cannon: River of Light

  • Added slight homing to charge shot to hit multiple bipeds easier

Incineration Cannon: Heartseeker

  • Added proximity detonation to charge shot (like the normal Inc. Cannon has) to make it more effective against airborne targets or targets behind cover

Fuel Rod Cannon: Pool of Radiance

  • Fixed a damage bug (was not causing AOE damage on initial explosion)
  • Made projectile thicker

Needler: Talon of the Lost

  • Reduced supercombine count to be same as normal Needler
  • Needles have longer lifetime to more easily supercombines against difficult to hit targets (8s instead of 4s)

Spartan Laser: Selene’s Lance

  • Reduced recoil
  • Made beam thicker

That's all for this update preview. Don't forget to leave your thoughts and speculations down below!

Thank you all for reading! :D




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