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Grand Theft Auto V Surpasses Steam Records


The second coming of Christ video game, known as Grand Theft Auto V, has surpassed a few big steam giants and become a top dog.


At this point, you either own Grand Theft Auto V, or you've heard of it, the game is so widespread there isn't a soul on this earth who hasn't. In large part because of this, GTA V's recent PC launch has broken a previous record on Steam, as reported by Polygon.com. You see, taking a few steps back, on November 11th, 2011, a little title by the name of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and topped Steam's record of non-Valve games at 280,000 players in one day. Well, a new alpha of the pack has risen, as GTA V topped off at 301,246 when it peaked in players today. The game launched to (still) successful reviews and has been in the running since back in Summer of 2014 for PC. GTA V is one of the only games to have such a life cycle where 2 years can pass and sales stay just as strong. Don't underestimate it though, DOTA 2 is still Steam's overall top dog with a player count bypassing a million, and Counter-Strike is nipping at it's heels. GTA V has a long way to go before becoming the king of Steam.


View attachment: GTA-V_franklinsniping_1920x1080.jpg


I've heard nothing but good things about GTA V on the PC, with the new support systems for Mods, 4K, 60fps, and more, it's been nothing but fun, but let us know down below if you own it how this port has been handled. Thanks for reading, see you all next time.

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