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Dead Rising 3 Leaked on Steam


Xbox One's best-seller title Dead Rising 3, published and developed by Capcom, seems to be coming to Valve's PC service Steam according to a brief mistake on the Steam Database.


Microsoft might finally be fulfilling Phil Spencer's goal of branching out to Windows platforms more, and to top with one of the Xbox One's most acclaimed launch titles. According to a Steam Database leak spotted by a Neogaf.com user, Dead Rising 3 will be arriving on Steam. This should basically confirm the title's jump to Steam, but we're left to wonder whether the timed exclusivity deal ended and Dead Rising 3 will also be ported to the PlayStation 4 or if it's staying as a Microsoft exclusive in the way Titanfall did. This could definitely boost the insane amount of copies already sold at 1.2 Million according to a results sheet dating back to March. Dead Rising isn't particularly known for being a Microsoft exclusive either way, as Dead Rising 2 was available on PS3 as well as the Xbox 360.


View attachment: dead_rising_3_game-wide.jpg


Do you want Capcom to branch out and launch the game on Steam and PlayStation 4? Let me know below, be sure to discuss, and thanks for reading!

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