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343i 49th Weekly Community Poll


Welcome all to the 49th 343i Weekly Community Poll!





This the Forty-ninth Weekly Community Poll! Here are your results from last week!



Yes! Here's what SlenderYang (Yang Xiao Long) had to say about the Mantis's inclusion in Halo 5:



I'd say yes but it would need some major tweaking, they portrayed the Mantis to be some sort of overpowered killing machine in Halo 4 but it was literally a deathtrap for you. Every time I've gotten into a Mantis I could get far more kills in a mongoose than a Mantis due to it's size and lack of mobility which makes it extremely hard to dodge plasma overcharges.


The armour was also extremely weak since an overcharge and about 2-4 plasma grenades can destroy the mantis very easily, it's not exactly a killing machine as the gun on it's right arm is mostly inaccurate and they only sort of useful things it has is the 5 rockets on the side however, they do take quite a while for them to reload and they don't exactly have a good blast radius either. You'll need to shoot the rockets pretty close to the target to get the kill unlike a rocket launcher, fuel rod cannon and the incineration cannon (the incineration cannon did have the smaller clusters when it exploded to finish off the kill if the target didn't die)


However even though I've given the Mantis a lot of hate in this post it was still fun to use and it is a very interesting idea with quite a potential if it's done right but unfortunately it didn't really have a lot going for it, the only time I've ever really found myself aiming for the Mantis is when I first bought the game back in November 2012. I just really wanted to test out the Mantis for the first time and it was my goal on Ragnorak to try and get the Mantis first, when I used it though I found it to be very underpowering to many vehicles and I saw it as a support type vehicle instead of the highly capable weapon of mass destruction 343I told us.


Overall I would much like to see the Mantis come back but with a few tweaks, upgrades and maybe a few more extra perks on the Mantis so it would truly become the deathtrap that would turn the tides in any battle.





This week we will delve into another question regarding the multiplayer of Halo 5, but from the perspective of Halo 4. Here's this week's poll question!


Which Halo 4 Weapon Does Not Deserve To Be Included in


Halo 5's Multiplayer?




Leave your thoughts along with your vote below.


Voting ends 10-27-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST


Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll

and See y'all next week! :wave:


Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1.

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The Suppressor. It lacks the damage to effectively combat a shotgun-user out of their range, and lacks the accuracy to effectively combat an assault rifle class weapon inside of their range. As a submachine gun class weapon, it is not as useful as its predecessors.

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The Suppressor, being underpowered and too similar to other automatic weapons. Giving it an identity and empowering it (what if the bullets caused small explosions on impact?) would make it ok in my book.


On a side note:

 - Finally having a powerful automatic plasma weapon would be cool. Elites are not going away, and you did manage to make the needler very good in H4, so...

 - I like the Boltshot as it is now. It makes combat more interesting, and isn't overpowered at all if you don't get to start with it. Perhaps it shouldn't headshot people, especially as the Supressor doesn't.

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