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343i 35th Weekly Community Poll


Welcome all to the 35th 343i Weekly Community Poll!




Last week's poll asked members what they're favorite Halo 4 Assassination is, here are the results of that poll!

FLAGSASSINATION! Have a look at what Yang Xaio Long (F1ZM) had to say about it:


I would have to say the flagassassination for this one. The animation where you knock them down and they watch their demise as the flag carrier raises the flag into the air and brings it down onto the enemy is quite cool.


Also they disintegrate into the red mist thing which is pretty cool as well.




This week's community poll is brought to you by the Forum's very own loafhead, Stinky! Bnus!


Do you want playable alien species in Halo 5 multiplayer?




Be sure to leave your thoughts below and to cast your votes!


DEADLINE: 6-9-14 @ 6:00 AM EST


Thanks for taking part in the weekly poll,

See y'all next week!



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