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Another one of him sleeping, because sleeping cats are the cutest.

From the album:

My Cat

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Yeah, why not? 😊 I love cats. They are not only cute but intelligent as well. Sometimes I wonder if they are more capable of experiencing love than humans. I've had 15 cats. All died from old age... except one. Obelix is his name. And he's very different from the others. He's more playful and energetic.

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Obelix is a lovely name! Inspired by Asterix and Obelix? Lovely stuff. 

Interesting theory about their capacity to love, I must admit I haven't thought too much about it. It wouldn't surprise me though. 

15?! Dayumm. That's impressive. That would absolutely keep you busy lol, one cat keeps me busy enough xD. 

I'll post an updated pic soonish! 

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It's ok. I basically live in the middle of nowhere, lol. They take care of themselves most of the time. But they're cute.
When I was young I used to sneak up behind them and jumpscare them. They flew up in the air before they ran away, it was fun. 😄
I had two cats that I believe were in love. Bruno and Pocahontas. They were always together. And they had a special place in the forest where they used to cuddle.
I also remember a time when I was very sad. I went out to the porch to cry. It didn't take long however for the cats to notice and they all came out to comfort me. I ended up laughing instead of crying.
Please do. 😊❤️

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Fantastic that they take care of themselves, that's great. The poor jumpscares though 😧

And d'aw, them having their own lil forest getaway. Adorable. 

Crying hugs is incredibly wholesome, your cats represent the very best for sure

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