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I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse...
Quakecon 2015 opened today with the reveal of a Fallout PC collection, and details on a Doom Multiplayer Alpha.
Yesterday on Xbox Wire it was announced that Windows 10 Xbox Streaming can be initiated as of that day.
"Master Chief, where are you going?" To give Xbox back their bomb.


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Games with Gold - August 2015
Jul 28 2015  The Games with Gold titles for August have been announced. You know the drill, next month there will be four new additions to the Games with Gold program for Xbox Live Gold members. Let's...

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"A Hero Reborn" Halo 5 ViDoc Analysis
Jul 10 2015  A 12 minute documentary of Halo 5: Guardians released today on IGN's Youtube channel.

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There are no articles in this category yet.

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Halo 4 Update 2/27/13
Feb 28 2013  On Monday, Spartan Ops continues with an encore of episode 6. In War Games, we’re proud to premiere Extraction in its very own, brand new playlist. While the variant is currently available in both Team Throwdown and Majestic Team DLC, this new playlist will provide you with the opportunity to extract all day, every day.

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Bungie Confirms Destiny Characters Will Transfe...
Jul 27 2015  So I can go 0-3 in every single Destiny game now!

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The Halo Reach File Browser is Back!!
Aug 31 2012  343industries have updated Halo Waypoint to offer filebrowsing functionality previously offered by Bungie.net. We've been without screenshot and gametype sharing for a couple of month...