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Check out some returning armour in Halo 5: Guardians!
As the month of November rolls in so do more free games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 with the Games With Gold program. First up there will only be one new free game to download for the Xbox One and that is Volgarr the Viking, the latest Indie Game fro...
Destiny's upcoming Hive focused expansion now has more details!
Greenskull from Ready Up Live has posted a gameplay video of the level "Gravemind" from Halo 2: Anniversary. In the video we get to see the Gravemind himself in the cutscene created by Blur and a playthrough of the entire level.We are just under 2 week...
Take a glimpse at how Forge will work in Halo 2 Anniversary!


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Halo 5: Guardians Armour Permutations Revealed
Oct 31 2014  Check out some returning armour in Halo 5: Guardians!

Halo 4 RSS Feed 225 articles

Meet Your Maker - Dominion Map Submissions Thread
Jul 31 2013  The "Meet Your Maker" - Dominion Forge contest is underway! Submissions are now being received.

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Bungie reacts to the leak of DLC content
Sep 30 2014  Bungie explains what the possible leak is all about. Check it out!

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The Halo Reach File Browser is Back!!
Aug 31 2012  343industries have updated Halo Waypoint to offer filebrowsing functionality previously offered by Bungie.net. We've been without screenshot and gametype sharing for a couple of month...