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View attachment: lepng.pngHey guys, getting on the bandwagon here like I usually do, I've decided to unbox my Destiny Limited Edition for Xbox One. Please do enjoy the video, and let's hope P34nut or whoever it was doesn't decide to make a meme of my f...
Hola amigos, you may know me by a host of different names, some call me Edward, some call me Vin, but one thing everyone knows me as is The Director (of the WNW)! For those of you that might not have known, this wasn't actually started by me, it was pi...
Need For Speed Rivals: Complete Edition, a bundle of the original game and it's add-ons, has been announced by EA!
Check it out yourself down here!
We've got Events, Contests, Gaming News, a new Featured Map, and Church's unboxing of Destiny: Ghost Edition.


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