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Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
Breakout has been revamped but is it for the better? Tell us what you think!
This week we look into the Forge center of the Halo Community and I talk to Sir Iron Wolf about why it's great to be there.
We dive into the Halo Archive this week to explore what the epicenter of lore-based eruptions of discussion has to offer. Community Managers Brother Jones and Preston Cole get an interview.
This week I talk to Zandril about Forge and his channel while showing everyone his goodies (pause).


Warzone Turbo Makes A Return: Brings New Req Packs

Jun 09 2016 05:21 PM | Yoshi1176 in Matchmaking

Halo 5: Guardians is seeing the return of fan-favorite mode Warzone Turbo this weekend, along with a few extras to sweeten the deal!

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Halo 5 CSR explained

Oct 17 2015 03:48 AM | Unease Peanut in Matchmaking

In a recent blog by Josh Holmes, we get educated on the new and improved CSR ranking.

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Halo 5 launch playlists announced

Oct 13 2015 02:27 PM | Unease Peanut in Matchmaking

It's nice to know what you can look forward to right?

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Halo 5: New Warzone map revealed

Jul 09 2015 10:05 AM | Unease Peanut in Matchmaking

Today, Microsoft revealed a new map that will be featured in Halo 5's Warzone gamemode.

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Halo 5: Guardians REQ pack info

Jun 18 2015 06:38 AM | Unease Peanut in Matchmaking

Since the release of the Limited edition and Collectors edition information people have been wondering what those "14 REQ packs to enhance Spartan combat" are. Josh Holmes got quite a few questions via Twitter and decided to give us more info on them on Waypoint.

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