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343industries had their panel at Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017 event today, where they discussed future content and support for already released Halo titles from then to now. At E3 2017, the Xbox One X was officially revealed, along with some launch titles...
Bonnie Ross stated at the D.I.C.E Summit earlier this year that Halo 6 will involve a more "simpler story" that focuses on the Master Chief and no new playable characters. She also stated that future titles will include the splitscreen option due to th...
Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
Breakout has been revamped but is it for the better? Tell us what you think!
This week we look into the Forge center of the Halo Community and I talk to Sir Iron Wolf about why it's great to be there.
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New Halo 4 legendary Logo

halo 4 new legendary logo Halo 4 Campaign Logo 343 Industries Biggles

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The Logos in halo are quite eye catching and very diverse from many games, and Once again, they are changing, most notably, the legendary difficulty logo. Check Below!
IGN is just revealed the new design of the Halo 4 legendary logo and there are massive changes to the new logo. As before we were all familiar with the elite skull but what creature could this skull belong to? Here is a picture of the new logo along with the previous one please leave your thoughts on this new design.

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well.. at least we know it isn't human

it's meh, I'll get use to it hopefully! ^_^ lol
its posable that its the skull of a forrunner maybe
the shield looks like the abilitu.
WTF! why would you change the logo!?!?! the new is crap. changing these small details really makes a lot difference. :((
What the hell is this ****? Its like http://cheezburger.com/6600110080 <<That.
its abit mehh, they will probably update it and stuff, prefer the elite skull more
What does an icon matter as long as the actual games is good
The Truth...
Sep 21 2012 04:50 PM
WTF that is so stupid the elite is much better just keep it as it was the way it looks now looks like it was drawn by a 10 year old with downs syndrome i probably wont play legendary ever again cause i don't want THAT on my tag that everyone can see i mean like id rather a grunts head there instead of that **** fore runner or not that is ******* ***....
The Truth...
Sep 21 2012 04:58 PM
I honestly have high hopes for 343 but just because they now own the franchise they shouldn't change all of the little things the should remaster some things i guess yeah but not every little detail look at it its eyes aren't even right one is bigger than the other and look at the shield behind them....wtf is it....it does look like an elite head the shield does not the skull the only time they have changed the emblem for halo besides this was for ODST and it was a great logo but its not the same without the elite it takes out a aspect of the game i think. but hey if you want a retarded head to show you are powerful or good at the campaign you should be very happy with it and im done PEACE!
dafuq??? no please no
What is this? It's so ugly. This reminds me of that artwork recently where the artist tried duplicating something and failed really really hard. I was hoping the game would stay in tact, but apparently I'm wrong. This is just too bad. Really bad.
The Didact skull perhaps?
I consider my self one of the greatest team doubles players of all time sp I never even cared about campaign but this is the ugliest update I've ever seen for a game in my life.