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You read that right. 343 are really getting on with things, and we're finally hearing more about the long-awaited Halo TV Series.
343industries had their panel at Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017 event today, where they discussed future content and support for already released Halo titles from then to now. At E3 2017, the Xbox One X was officially revealed, along with some launch titles...
Bonnie Ross stated at the D.I.C.E Summit earlier this year that Halo 6 will involve a more "simpler story" that focuses on the Master Chief and no new playable characters. She also stated that future titles will include the splitscreen option due to th...
Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
Breakout has been revamped but is it for the better? Tell us what you think!
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Halo 4 Episode 7 Trailer

Episode 7 is gonna be a very whacky episode with arguing and many lossses.


Source Gaming Blend

Episode 7 is gonna be a very whacky episode with arguing and many lossses.

343 Industries released a trailer for Episode 7 of Halo 4 Spartan Ops this morning. The episode, entitled "Invasion," puts the crew of the UNSC Infinity on the defensive.

In Episode 7, Catherine Halsey decides to make an underhanded deal. She's confronted by Lasky but this encounter is cut short by an attack. The Infinity has been invaded by a force of Promethean Knights. All the while, Jul 'Mdama is getting closer and closer to unlocking the Librarian's secrets.

Episode 7 has five new missions. They can be played solo or with up to three friends. The story of the Episode will be set up by a new CGI cinematic, teased in the trailer above.

343 will release 10 spartan ops episodes in total. All of the episodes are free to download. This "season" will conclude on February 24th.

Episode 7 will be available at 3 am PST on Monday, January 28th. The new Spartan Ops content will be accompanied by a grifball only playlist.


This looks epic, I cannot wait :D I am so happy they used the remix version of this song too. I love it :)
Would it be... I dunno potentially a universe-dooming thing to awaken the Librarian?

Assuming she isn't burnt up on Installation 00.

Would it be... I dunno potentially a universe-dooming thing to awaken the Librarian?

Assuming she isn't burnt up on Installation 00.

Why would she be burnt if she's on Installation 00 ?
Anyway, this trailer is pretty awesome, but it's kinda weird to have a trailer for a 5min video.
Isn't the Librarian on the side of the humans?
Just another note, but is anyone else interested in finding out where all of the Prometheans are coming from, why they are still loyal to the Didact etc.?
You know watching the Infinity getting attacked with all those marines dying kinda makes me wonder where Chief is.
Well the Sanghelli race is on the merge of destroying themselves. Perhaps Jul wants the Librarian to save them.
What is the name of the song/artist they used in the soundtrack of this episode?
The Forge emblem on the Elite does make me wonder. Is that a message to the Forgers? :D
where are the specializations that came with this update? engineer and stalker. it's not listed. ... sigh
Where can I submit suggestions to improve spartan ops?
Apr 24 2013 04:01 PM
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May 24 2013 06:41 PM
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Celebrities factory Coach Outlet Love Alice + OliviaSeptember 15 Coach Outlet 2:57 PMby Suzanne Weinstock 0 Comments Photos: Getty Images "I feel Coach Outlet like a runway show Coach Outlet is so serious," said Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet. "This is more about the clothes being fun and the brand being fun and doing something that expresses the brand. Alice + Olivia once again bypassed a traditional presentation for an uber-cool party with Alice + Olivia-clad models lounging in a set along the back wall. As a contemporary line, Alice + Olivia ships three times each season so the presentation looks are, in fact, plucked from more than 400 items (including a brand new shoe line) so Bendet aims to give a feel of the season as opposed to showing the whole thing. "It's supposed to have this French, retro, 70s feel...We created these giant gold drapey curtains and this faux-looking (on purpose) wood stage and there's a yellow piano and it's kind of a creative, quirky house." Bendet, who is http://kmoutlet365.co.uk/ 10 weeks pregnant with her second child, sipped water while her guests threw back cocktails and Coach Outlet ran around greeting her ample celebrity guests. The crowd included: Denise Richards, Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss, 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden, Moby, Nicky Hilton, the newest addition to Gossip Girl Katie Cassidy and figure skater Johnny Weir.   Actor Joe Manganiello, aka "the hot werewolf" from True Blood, spent much of the party in the corner obligingly taking pictures with the women in attendance. Pint-sized blogger Tavi, who styled the performers for the evening (Isabel Dupre did the honors) also popped up briefly. Guests were treated to performances by Amanda Blank and The Pierces, who are responsible for the quirky theme song from Pretty Little Liars. After the party, there was no rest for the weary Stacey Bendet. She hopped right on a plane to Paris for the fabric shows. C'est la vie. Tags: nyfw Elizabeth Moss stacey bendet the pierces moby nicky hilton Tavi Katrina Bowden Amanda Black alice & olivia Isabel Dupre ss11 denise richards johnny weir Katie Cassidy Joe Manganiello
May 25 2013 08:13 PM
Creative Coalition & ELLE Toast Women in Media ELLE
Creative Coalition & ELLE Toast Women in MediaApril 30 1:18 PMby Justine Harman 0 Comments Lani Hay, Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk, and ELLE's Maggie Bullock. Photo: Getty Last week, in the tastefully appointed ballroom at the downtown Ritz Carlton, a few recognizable out-of-towners broke bread with Capitol Hill tastemakers and posh politicos, alike. Native Washingtonian, and Creative Coalition delegate, Jon Bernthal, called the scene a far cry from his Coach factory outlet D.C. days. "They would never let me in here when I lived here," laughed The Walking Dead actor, who attended the local Sidwell Friends School with Chelsea Clinton. "I was always in detention." Like Bernthal, who credits the arts with "saving his life," attendee Ginnifer Goodwin cited the positive impact of Hollywood factory online outlet productions. "I have filmed on location all over the country and it's amazing what a 300 person crew descending [on a community] can do. The money coach factory outlet online that we've been able to bring into communities in the way of local hires... it's immeasurable." Over thinly sliced filet mignon and scallop risotto, guests including David Arquette, Omar Epps, Norah O'Donnell and Johnny Galecki kicked off White House Correspondents weekend with a tribute to women in the media. ELLE's deputy editor Maggie Bullock toasted MSNBC's Alex Wagner, who alongside George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, served as the executive coach factory outlet director of the anti-genocide non-profit, Not On Our Watch. "Not a bad day at the office!" Bullock joked. And for the Hollywood set, the weekend (which Goodwin affectionately dubbed "Nerd Prom") is a welcome change of pace. "Last time I was on the red carpet, Don King and Jesse Jackson came up to me at the same time. I was like, `This is just surreal and incredible!'" gushed Arquette. As the evening came to an end, revelers noshed on Georgetown cupcakes and boarded a party bus to host Lani Hay's house for coach factory online a private after-party. "It's kind of like a marathon," joked Lanmark Technology`s CEO. "You have to pace yourself!" Tags: ginnifer goodwin Maggie Bullock george clooney matt damon white house correspondents dinner Jon Bernthal brad pitt
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Mariel Hemingway and Barbara Kopple at the Tribeca Film Festival Running from Crazy at the Tribeca Film Festival ELLE
Tribeca Film Festival: Filmmaker Barbara Kopple Hit karen millen outlet online the Documentarian's JackpotApril 23 1:30 PMby Lisa Marsh 0 CommentsPhoto: Getty ImagesWhile working on Running from Crazy, an examination of the mental illness and suicide that has affected the family of legendary author Ernest Hemingway, filmmaker Barbara Kopple discovered a treasure trove of previously unseen footage."We were filming in Ketchum (Idaho, where Ernest died and Margaux and Mariel were raised), and we had a sound person with us," Kopple explained. "He said he had been there before and shot some footage for a one-hour show Margaux was going to make [in the 1970s]." The resulting find was 43 hours of raw footage and five hours of audio tape of Margaux speaking. This remarkable footage puts a new, realistic face on the mental illness that has plagued the Hemingway family for generations and was seen in a special screening of Running from Crazy at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday. Kopple and Mariel herve leger outlet Hemingway discussed the film after the showing. "It was interesting to me," Hemingway said of the first time she saw the footage. "I saw all of these things and thought, I wasnt making it upour kitchen really was that ugly." She added, "Its shocking to see my family karen millen dresses and see herve leger sale how sad and depressed my mother was...I have so much compassion for my sister [Margaux]. It took me from the outside looking in to see how much pain she was in." Kopple noted: "When she saw the footage for the first time, she herve leger sale was very emotional. And she said, 'Now my children will see who their grandparents are.' Ending the silence is very important." The idea of making this film was originally outrageous to Hemingway. "My family is crazy, why would I want to make a movie about this? Ive been running from this my whole life," she said, but on closer examination, it helped her heal. "Ive gone full circle now and embraced herve leger sale my family and who I am." She continued: "I was running from the crazy, afraid Id pass it onto my girls (daughters Dree, a model, and Langley, a student). Im not afraid of that anymore."
May 31 2013 07:50 AM
Model Xiao Wen Ju Fashion Week Beauty Routine Xiao Wen Jun on David Bowie ELLE
Model Xiao Wen Ju Dishes on David Bowie and Her coach factory Fashion Week Beauty RoutineMarch 4 11:30 AMby Faran Krentcil 0 CommentsPhoto: ImaxTree.comXiao Wen Ju is a street style star, an coach outlet in-demand model, and the first Chinese girl to ever star in a Marc Jacobs ad. But when coach factory we met the 20-year-old model, she was one thing above all else: "Tired!" she giggled. "This is the end of the race for all of us models, and I can't wait to go back to New York and have a long nap!"We caught up with the Shaanxi native after the Kenzo show. (She also fronted the brand's last campaignoverachiever much?)ELLE: You have a camera in your face all day. Is it fun, or can it get tiresome?Xiao Wen Ju: It's still fun for me! I mean, it is my job, but I love it. The only time when it's really hard is when I'm late for the next show. If I'm walking out of a show, and there are so many photographers that I can't move, I get worried. I can't fly there, you know!ELLE: You wear a lot of makeup during fashion week, sometimes four coach factory or five different beauty looks in as many hours. How do you get it off every night?XWJ: Oh, it's so important that you do it the right way, otherwise you can really hurt [your skin]. I use Bioderma makeup remover that I buy in Paris, actually, because a makeup artist told me to use it, and a lot of other models do, too. It takes off mascara and eyeliner, and everyone wants their models to wear thick eyeliner now, so it's good I have it.ELLE: How often do you get to fly home to China?XWJ: Once or twice a year. I do get to go home every year and see my family and friends. There are more Chinese models working in fashion now than ever before, I think, so it's a little easier because you have people to talk to who speak your language and understand where you come from, but also understand being a model. And I like living in New York, tooexcept when it's really cold!ELLE: How do you keep from being bored backstage, when you're sitting in hair and makeup for hours?XWJ: I listen to a lot of music. My favorite right now is the new David Bowie song, and I can't stop watching the video.ELLE: The one with Tilda Swinton?XWJ: Oh my god, she is so cool! I love David Bowie so much but now I love her, too, because she is perfect coach outlet online coach factory online in that video. She is mesmerizing. You can't stop watching her. I think I've watched it a hundred times this week.ELLE: Have you ever been in a music video?XWJ: No, but if I could be in a David Bowie video, I would. I would do anything for a David Bowie video. [Laughs] Do you think he reads this?ELLE: Definitely.XWJ: David Bowie, put me in your music video! We would be so fun!ELLE: What if you could be in a real movie?XWJ: I would want to be Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. But David Bowie should be in it, too.Read the latest breaking fashion news.See all the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections.
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Meet Eduardo Ramos, Then SwoonFebruary 13 2:52 PMby Kat Thomsen 0 Comments Eduardo Ramos at a fitting for yesterday's Gant by cheap ray ban sunglasses Michael Bastian presentation. Be grateful that lacrosse players wear face masks, otherwise we might have slightly less to celebrate about today's ELLE Homme, Eduardo Ramosthe ruggedly handsome Ford model was the captain of Ursinus karen millen dresses online University's varsity lacrosse team, where he played all four years before getting into modeling. Shortly after graduation, his athletic good looks caught the eye of famed photographer Richard Phibbs, who had Ramos don vintage football gear for one of his iconic `Sports' shoots. The Cuban stunner then went on to land a starring role in Michael Bastian's first ad campaign for his Gant collection (which was themed, fortuitously, around lacrosse). "We've always loved Richard Phibb's work, and there was a lot of it hanging in Barneys, at our Michael Bastian shop," said Eugenia Gonzales, Bastian's PR Director. "We were doing our first casting for this collection, and Eduardo walks in, and we're like, `Oh cheap ray ban sunglasses my god, you're the dude in our shop!' So obviously, he was perfect." And Michael Bastian, who's cheap oakley sunglasses gone on record saying he prefers his models to be actual hotties, not clothes hangers, has booked him every season since ("He's one of the rare ones that's getting better every cheap karen millen year," said the designer). But don't think Ramos gave up being a lacrosse player to pose as onehe still plays regularly on weekends at the East River Park, and in the summers, he coaches kids as young as 3 at the East Brunswick summer lacrosse camp (all together now..."awwwww!"). When he's not giving good face on the runway and on camera, going to workshops at the Michael Howard acting studio, or teaching sports to toddlers, the tall, dark, and handsome Jersey boy has an everyman side, too. "Yeah, its crazy, besides the modeling and the acting stuff, I have a desk job, too," Ramos told us. "I work at a naming company...it's really fun. We just named a car for Chevy." He's got looks, brains, and talent-what else could you ask for? Well, other than his phone number. Tags: elle homme

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” Are you listening, Michelle?—Maya SingerIllustration: Courtesy of coach outlet online Christian CotaChristian Lacroix Goes For Broke, Marc's B-Day Party, And More… style file Style.com
Christian Lacroix has filed for the American equivalent of Chapter 11 to protect itself against creditors owed an estimated $14 million. Surely loyal Lacroix fans can pick up a few couture frocks to help coach factory outlet defray costs. [WWD] Marc Jacobs’ 30th b-day party for fiancé Lorenzo Martone featured Madonna, Jesus at the turntables, and a cake in the shape of a bear. W has the pics. [Editors’ Blog]Trovata’s copyright case against Forever 21 ended in a mistrial yesterday, but founder John Whitledge plans to re-attack. Do you think the fight over knockoffs is worth it, or is it a waste of time? [WWD]—Alison BaenenPhoto: Photo: Marcio MadeiraChristian Louboutin’s ‘Crossed Paths’ With Cinderella ELLE

Jun 17 2013 07:58 AM
“I protect myself from UV rays, cleanse, and moisturize every day. It’s the way to keep a youthful appearance,” said Dave Navarro at the launch of Vaseline’s Skin coach outlet factory online Is Amazing campaign at the Chelsea Arts Tower last night. “I’m actually 72 years old.” Navarro wore a faux-fur black scarf around his neck and heeled Dior boots. “It’s good for the break of the pants—they fall over the shoes. You can never be skinny enough or tall enough.” Walter Chin’s close-up photographs of celebrities’ bare skin were on the gallery walls, accompanied by their quotes praising the body’s largest organ. Navarro’s advertisement discussed his skin as a canvas for tattoos, while Amanda Bynes focused on the stories behind scars. “I’m always falling into things! I stubbed my toe last night on a doggy bed!” she told us, adding coach outlet website that her new dog takes precedence over anyone else these days. The evening also coach outlet store revealed the identity of the campaign’s mystery celebrity: Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose face is hidden in her ad, for which she posed nude. &
n’t stark enough, Bruce Weber’s racy—but arty!—new catalog for Abercrombie & Fitch will only be available in London. A U.S. roundup of the year’s unsexiest men clears the way for a new era of heartthrobs, the Ripsters, Dior Homme wearers with abs of steel. Does Karl Lagerfeld count? He’s got muscle—or should we say his bodyguards do?—Alison Baenencelebrity skin style file Style.com

Ben Roethlisberger has worked on his image, but from a motorcycle accident to an NFL suspension last season, he has a history. In addition to his recent comments, Harrison was fined more than $100,000 last season for illegal hits.
Comment »
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"Everybody on the team is spoiling the reputation of the Steelers. The Steelers *are* the Raiders now."-- SN commenter cjsolx in replyAre the Steelers models of class?
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With family ownership, coaching stability and strong community identity, many have held up the Steelers as models of how pro sports should work.Is the reputation changing?

Kirkpatrick The Bengals selected Alabama cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick wholesale soccer jerseys with the 17th overall pick. I would've gone with Stanford's David DeCastro, the best guard in the draft, but I understand the reasoning.
Bengals coach Marvin Lewis wasn't creating a smokescreen when he hinted that the team was going to address defense in the first round.
Cincinnati went for the draft's third-best corner in Kirkpatrick because DeCastro and Georgia's Cordy Glenn are still on the board. With how the draft is unfolding, the Bengals could wholesale soccer jerseys get one of them with the 21st overall pick.
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Jun 18 2013 12:33 PM
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