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Rocksteady and Warner Brother's new conclusion to the highly praised trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight, now has a confirmed release date and new editions!Fans of Batman have been seething at the teeth for information about Rocksteady's conclusion to the A...
Hey everyone, I apologize for missing a week, last week wasn't exactly the best for me personally with a lot of family issues going on and I couldn't get on it, however we're here today so fear not! I've found three great articles that hopefully you al...
Get a look at the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 4!
Bungie and Activision's newly released smash hit IP Destiny has now garnered over 500 million dollars in game sales being shipped to stores, meaning Activision has now broken even on marketing costs.If you haven't heard someone mention Destiny, whether...
Welcome all to the 44th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week the Community Poll asked members if they felt the number of players in Halo 5's Big Team Battle should be expanded and how large it should be expanded. The results of the poll are in: Spoil...
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Halo: Respawn the Series - Trailer

Halo 4 respawn

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Introducing the live action Halo Web Series: Respawn! A comedic look into the fantastic world behind the fantastic world of Halo. Where in between the time of death and reanimation spartans gather together in the break room and talk about... pretty much anything you can imagine...



This is going to be funny
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Whack. Why do they do dumb **** like this.
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BEcause they have a sense of humor.

They also make 'stupid' stuff because it's funny.


Now call this web series stupid.

That's stupid, but it's funny.
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I can understand why people would enjoy this, but I honestly don't think it looks that good. I'll give the first few episodes a try, but this trailer didn't seem that funny.
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