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Amazon is set to buy Twitch.tv for $970 million+, reports theVerge.com.It was rumored that YouTube had already closed a deal with the online gaming live stream juggernaut, however it has recently been reported that it is Amazon, not YouTube (Google), w...
Welcome all to the 32nd 343i Weekly Community Poll! Yes, I'm back doing the polls once again! I missed doing them over the summer, but I'm really excited to be back here serving the comunity! Special thanks to Buns for helping me out while I was away!...
Have you been experiencing problems with PSN and or other services?This might be why!
Hello everyone, boys, girls, people of indiscernible gender, striped horses that beckon, and warm slices of wheat. Welcome to the Weekly News Wrap-Up for the 23rd of August, 2014! I have your usual three awesome articles but as usual I'm gonna do some...
MLG just announced that they will be holding a Halo 3 Tournament in celebration of the film "The November Man" which releases on August 27th.On Tuesday, August 26th at 3pm ET the Competition will begin on Halo 3. 4 teams of 2 will be competing, and the...
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Halo: Respawn the Series - Trailer

Halo 4 respawn

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Introducing the live action Halo Web Series: Respawn! A comedic look into the fantastic world behind the fantastic world of Halo. Where in between the time of death and reanimation spartans gather together in the break room and talk about... pretty much anything you can imagine...



This is going to be funny
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Whack. Why do they do dumb **** like this.
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BEcause they have a sense of humor.

They also make 'stupid' stuff because it's funny.


Now call this web series stupid.

That's stupid, but it's funny.
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I can understand why people would enjoy this, but I honestly don't think it looks that good. I'll give the first few episodes a try, but this trailer didn't seem that funny.
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