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Hello all and welcome back to the 343iCF Weekly Site Wrapup. Let's get into things:Primary Announcement: We WON'T be wrapping up the last half of June, July, or August but on the bright side, with my laptop fixed now I should be able to put these out w...
Welcome all to the 43rd 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's poll asked members if they most looked forward to playing as The Arbiter or The Master Chief in Halo 2: Anniversary. The votes have been cast and the results are in! Spoiler The Arbiter...
As the title says, a screenshot of Elite Armor from Halo 2: Anniversary has been revealed (seemingly from PAX, and courtesy of Halo4Nation).One of the variants closely resembles the classic Elite Armor seen in the older games (like CE, 2, and Halo Wars...
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel now has a confirmed Season Pass with some new content for the game in the future teased in the description!Borderlands has a history when it comes to downloadable content, with the original's critically acclaimed DLCs, and B...
Hello everyone, Edward Kenway here, I know my name says Omega right now but I'll be changing back eventually, so fear not those who knew me as EK, you won't have to adjust for that long! Anyways, PAX gave off some super gaming news. In news I'm not cov...
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Halo: Respawn the Series - Trailer

Halo 4 respawn

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Introducing the live action Halo Web Series: Respawn! A comedic look into the fantastic world behind the fantastic world of Halo. Where in between the time of death and reanimation spartans gather together in the break room and talk about... pretty much anything you can imagine...



This is going to be funny
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Whack. Why do they do dumb **** like this.
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BEcause they have a sense of humor.

They also make 'stupid' stuff because it's funny.


Now call this web series stupid.

That's stupid, but it's funny.
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I can understand why people would enjoy this, but I honestly don't think it looks that good. I'll give the first few episodes a try, but this trailer didn't seem that funny.
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