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343industries had their panel at Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017 event today, where they discussed future content and support for already released Halo titles from then to now. At E3 2017, the Xbox One X was officially revealed, along with some launch titles...
Bonnie Ross stated at the D.I.C.E Summit earlier this year that Halo 6 will involve a more "simpler story" that focuses on the Master Chief and no new playable characters. She also stated that future titles will include the splitscreen option due to th...
Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
Breakout has been revamped but is it for the better? Tell us what you think!
This week we look into the Forge center of the Halo Community and I talk to Sir Iron Wolf about why it's great to be there.
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Competitive Skill will be Visible on Waypoint

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So accrding to BS Angel, the competitive skill system will be visible to you on Halo Waypoint.

Read below for more details

Source: Halo Waypoint

We are pleased to announce, just days away from the worldwide Halo 4 launch and the first MLG Halo 4 tournament in Dallas, the Competitive Skill Rank system in Halo 4. The CSR will appear post-launch in an update to Halo Waypoint and associated Smartglass applications.

When will it launch?
The short version is CSR will launch early next year when it’s ready. We have an extensive post-launch plan for Halo 4, including DLC, playlist updates, and title updates. As soon as we have a confirmed launch date for the Waypoint update that includes CSR, we’ll make an announcement. Set your expectations for release timing appropriately since this will require delicate tuning, testing and implementation for Waypoint Web, Waypoint Console and Smartglass integration and is a feature designed specifically for the competitive community.

What is it?
At Halo 4’s launch, the competitive skill system will measure your performance against other players in Halo 4 War Games and use this information to match you up against opponents of comparable skill ranks. When the CSR system is fully implemented post-launch, Waypoint will assign each player a visible and detailed Skill Rank, viewable in the player profile section of Halo Waypoint.

How will it rank me?
All players will be ranked on a per-hopper basis, so, for example, you will have a unique CSR for your Slayer Pro games vs. your CTF games. CSR is currently planned to use a familiar and easy to understand 1-50 scale (subject to change or alteration). Your CSR will go up and down based on match outcomes.

Which playlists will support CSR?
All competitive playlists will support and track CSR. As the playlists will continuously change post-launch, the exact list of playlists that will support CSR will be determined when the system is ready to drop.

Will a CSR be ‘assigned to me’ once the system launches? Or do I need to start fresh?
Matchmaking and hoppers will be tracking and analyzing data from Day 1, and when the final settings for CSR are in place, we’ll make the call on whether to use existing data as a baseline for your CSR, or to start everyone fresh in new playlists.

Why the delay?
We know how important skill rank is, and we take skill integrity very seriously – we want to make sure we’ve taken the time to test, tune, and balance the CSR system in a live environment, and identify problems and potential exploits before launching the system publically.

Taking the time to test and tune the system ensures we can deliver a very accurate and meaningful skill rank, and gives our competitive playlists time to mature to for optimize a wide range of playlist and game settings.

Enjoy the launch!
We’re incredibly excited for Halo 4 to launch, and to see you at one of our worldwide events, or online November 6th. We see this announcement as just one of many new experiences and features coming post-launch to Halo 4 and are excited to share more with you in the future.


Wow, this is a very good way to go about Competitive Ranking by 343. I'm very impressed after thinking there would be nothing at all. It's not gonna be Reach all over again! Thank you so much 343! Can't wait for this system to be released!
Sounds good. I am happy.
The ranking system should be visible in the playlist it self please do this it would make the game even better
Nov 03 2012 11:07 PM
The whole point of ranks are for them to be visible its the motivation that comes from beating a team of players with higher rank than you and the embarrassment of losing to lower players that makes the game so fun and addicting, otherwise it will fade away just like reach and be left with 20,000 players on.
true that. they should make it visible on playlists instead of only on a site. i mean who's gonne search the whole enemy team online every time you play a match? nobody.
no this stupid I rarely go on waypoint no one in there right mind would do go on waypoint to look at the whole teams skill and by the time you do the game could be starting or halfway over
The Ranking system needs to be similar to H2 and H3 because thats what we love about the Halo Multiplayer. If its anything like reach this game as good as it might be will die down within a year. Everyone likes beating a higher rank then them and ranking up.... PLEASE HAVE A RANKING SYSTEM WITH VISIBLE 1-50 RANKS!!!!
Nov 04 2012 06:48 PM
i think the BEST way FOR real Gamer skills level is h2, h3 not reach... the best way system rank.!Remeber!. NOW HALO 4 MAKE ME BAD BECAUSE THE SYSTEM RANK IS A actuality REALLY ****! no more challenge in halo4 no more... am not skills levels 50 ON H3 and i will crying because am not 50 just like a IDIOT ?? PEAPLE really LIKE THE EASY WAY ALL THE TIME! ALWAYS!!!! you want your CANDY YOU NEED TO BE STRONG , H2 H3 TRUST SKILL FOR ALL OF US IF YOU NOOB YOU STAY NOOB SO IF AM 1-10 EXEMPLE I WILL FIGHT NOOB IF AM 50 I DO BEST NOT TRUTH??? YOU NEED TO BE BEST player TO BE AND GETTING YOUR STARs... PLS STARCRAFT 2 IS ONE OF THE BEST SYSTEM RANKING IN THE WORLD EVER!! NOT TRUTH ???? COME ON 343i ...is that complicate ! pls like this comment or quote ty
^Seriously, what?
caps lock got stuck or just 12 year olds ?? give visible level system in each playlist or H4 will die down no matter how awesume you made it, would be a waste of money wouldn't it.
343industies claims their listening to their fanbase but if so they would just put the visible level system in like Halo 2 wich we've been whining for a couple of years now. give it back! our precious!!
I would like to "unlike" @SoLiDxPsyCoG34R's quote.
I'm not buying this game until they have released a viewable in-game ranking system. For all we know they are just lying to everyone to get us to buy the game and quiet the unhappy masses.
I'm really happy to see that some type of CSR will be implemented. It will keep players driven to keep playing for reasons other than credits. Without CSR, there can be no sustainable competitive community.
My thought is, why not have it visible in-game like halo 2-3? If you can see it anyway, why keep it inconveniently hidden away in waypoint? People will still exploit, boost, etc no matter what in order to get their own rank up regardless of anything. Even with credits people still campaign boost, credit farm, and whatever else. If I'm going to have ranks, I'm going to work for them and display them proudly. If someone can't handle rank criticism, then that person should work to get better. If someone honestly doesn't care, then why would it bother them if butt holes tell them they're bad? Halo is known for its competitive community more than any other game. Please just throw us a bone, and we'll return the favor by keeping this game alive.
Having the matchmaking level visible in the playlist is what keeps people playing, just like in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Like a poster said above me, I will not buy this game until a visible matchmaking skill level is implemented.
Im hoping 343 will put the level right by your name like in halo 2. None of this halo waypoint garbage...nobody even goes on that thing.

A good competitive ranking system that people can actually see makes the game stay fresh for a long time. I played halo 2 a lot right up until halo 3 came out and I would still be playing halo 2 if it was still on xbox live.
343i, if you decide to make this 1-50 ranking system only visible on Halo Waypoint then you are defeating its purpose entirely. DO WHAT HALO 3 and HALO 2 did!
i love the fact you have 1-50 skill rank system ive waited so long for this but for you not to show this in playlist :S what is the point who uses halo way point ?? u need it to be visable to the players ur playing like in halo 2 and halo get this wrong u will make a good game S**t but do this right and u have another halo 2 / halo 3 amazing online mulitplayer game with true skill rank
Gavin Maloney
Nov 07 2012 09:16 PM
Halo 4 is an incredible game, gameplay and all. I hope above anything this new CSR will revive the competitive gaming community that is Halo. I mean you could just tell the difference from MLG H3 to MLG Reach... (There was MLG Reach??) Why we loved H2 and H3... Each game wasn't about how well you did, it was about WINNING. I want to win, not play for "credits" This ain't Call of Duty!
343 great job on halo 4 I really enjoyed and loved what you guys created! now im just excited for the CSR when it launches sometime next year. My suggestion to you guys is that to get the attention of all competitive HALO players is to somehow connect the ranking system to MLG so the whole world will know who the best player is. Maybe every month or season like in reach ( I reallly liked that Idea of seasons ) the players that reached level 50 or the max are qualifed to enter a tournament online and the winners will have a chance to compete in MLG live !!! I think that would be amazing! just throwing out ideas lol
So far, I think Halo 4 is amazing, I love the multiplayer, the campagin is amazing. I didn't think it would be like Halo, I thought it would be like CoD, I bought it on the release date to try it out, and my mind was blown because it feels like Halo 3 with a bit of Halo 1. But I do agree with most the comments, an ingame ranking system would make the game even better, I don't mind the idea of the skill based ranking sytem, as long as you can view what rank you are/the people you play with ingame. Also you should add some of the really good gametypes in Halo 3 into Halo 4 because I miss playing SWAT, Regular Slayer without the points, just kills count, Team Snipers, etc. It would make the game a lot more fun for me and probably a lot of other players too. In other words, make it like the Halo 3 scores so people can switch back and forth. (:
Kevin: Lead MP Director 343 Industries
Walshy's Stream Nov 9 2012

CSR Display --> We are putting it on waypoint first to get it on all devices as soon as possible phone, computer, waypoint client on xbox, tablet etc..
I can't promise we are going to get it in game but it is a possibility - as Frank commented "anything's possible "

Ranks In Game --> Got your feedback on this stuff thanks I will pass it along.
Honestly, I like the idea of making it only view-able on waypoint. It should discourage most of the boosting, deranking, and selling of accounts. In 3, If some attention wh.ore bum couldnt earn a 50, he would buy one. Now with it only on waypoint and with no way to show off his faux-pa E-peen, he likely wont. Denying these bums something they want makes me smile. If you really cared about your own rank and how good you can do, you wouldnt care if other people can see it. You would be doing it for yourself.

And to those complaining of not being able to see how good the team they are about to play is, why does that matter? Would you play any different with that information available to you? Besides, as soon as the game starts you will figure out how good they are. If they stomp on you, they are better than you. If not, not so much. And before anybody says how I must suck and dont want my rank to be made visible because I suck and all that jazz, Idc really. Best I ever had in H3 was a 44. I was happy with it. Some trash talk about my video game skills from random people online whom I will never meet is among the least of my concerns.
What are these idiots thinking? The game is great but we need a VISIBLE ranking system in lobby. It makes the game more competitive. If they don't do this then they are deluded
@Benchimus: I'll agree that boosting and deranking are pretty sucky and negatively affect the not so good player's experience, but why should anyone care about the account selling/attention ***** boosted 50s? They don't play much because they know their rank will go down if they do because it's higher than their actual skill level so they're not ruining the matchmaking experience for the other high ranked players much at all. My question is while it may discourage boosting a bit compared to a visual rank (boosting doesn't really hurt the matchmaking experience much imo, it's basically a premade group with one terrible player) I can't see why there wouldn't be an equal to greater amount of derankers (if by derankers you mean people purposely keeping their skill rank well below their actual skill level to play worse players.) if you mean people sabotaging their own team I can see there being less of those, however even those people aren't much more than a nuisance to people looking to improve their rank level, they're not THAT common and become less and less common as your level gets higher than they can achieve until you're just left with the very very few people that actually bother to boost or buy 50s just to "derank" over and over and I'd imagine anyone going that far out of their way to screw over others would do the same thing regardless of the visability = /.

So as far as I'm concerned the team sabotage derankers are the only signifigant con of a visible ranking system.

My personal favorite reason for having visable ranks, I see no reason to repeat and list everyone else's:
Obviously not in every case but a majority of the time it will make the game more competitive, in a positive way, here's why. >There is something at stake which means players are more likely to try harder and play to win, wanting to win also leads to more teamwork and less stat padding because when people don't care about your skill level the only other place to show off is your k/d ratio. Also when there's something at stake winning gives you much more of a sense of accomplishment.

My second favorite reason is probably what "raw_hates_you" said in the 4th comment, the added motivation really will keep the game alive much longer.

PS: I'd much prefer it to be closer to Halo 2's system just as far as difficulty to hit the highest rank goes, it was rare for someone to make it to 40 (without cheating) in H2 whereas almost anyone decent could hit 50 in H3, it was way too easy and didn't feel special.
Nov 14 2012 05:46 AM
343, The essence of halo is the excitement you get from attaining the highest rank you have ever gotten. the feeling of getting a comet in halo 2 or a 50 in halo 3 was the reason people played those games for so long. Halo has always been a competitive game and you need to keep it that way by releasing a visible ranking system as soon as possible before you lose your fanbase to people searching for more competitive games that reward winning...