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You read that right. 343 are really getting on with things, and we're finally hearing more about the long-awaited Halo TV Series.
343industries had their panel at Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017 event today, where they discussed future content and support for already released Halo titles from then to now. At E3 2017, the Xbox One X was officially revealed, along with some launch titles...
Bonnie Ross stated at the D.I.C.E Summit earlier this year that Halo 6 will involve a more "simpler story" that focuses on the Master Chief and no new playable characters. She also stated that future titles will include the splitscreen option due to th...
Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
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Xbox 720 to kill off parts of the industry, gaming needs indie developers

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Xbox 720 to kill off parts of the industry, gaming needs indie developers.

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Source: Examiner

With the next-generation of Xbox comes the chance that gamers will start to see less and less titles than they currently are, but some people still see the next-generation as a chance for smaller developers to get their games out to the masses.

According to a report from GamesIndustry today, Double Fine's Tim Schafer did acknowledge that the next-generation of consoles could provide some challenges to smaller studios.

"Our fear was that next generation was going to be only big AAA games. It was only going to be a place for 'Call of Duty' and 'Halo.'

"But we've talked to [the console manufacturers], and told people what things would be hard for teams our size with regards to consoles," Schafer said.

Schafer went on to say if next-generation systems can open up something like what Steam currently offers, then it could something independent developers can work with.

"We'd still like to be active in that space, we care about consoles, but unless they open things up a lot more like what we have on Steam... if they opened things up more it would be a more friendly place from our perspective.

"We've talked to them about this stuff, and you know, they hear us.

"They're big companies and they can't make changes overnight, but I think they're taking all of that stuff into consideration. We'll have to see what happens," Schafer said.

Independent developers are crucial to the gaming industry as they can come up with some of the best and most original content.

Xbox 720 needs to find a way to accommodate independent developers because if not, they will simply stay on Steam.

It isn't like they have nowhere to go.

Microsoft needs to work to acquire that sector of the industry because most gamers will be a bit disappointed if consoles get reduced to receiving only 15 or 20 titles a year, as a result of smaller and indie developers staying with Steam.

Even with all of the features and upgrades the system is suppose to have, it will mean nothing if the only titles that hit the system are the same franchises that we see each year.

Personally, "Assassin's Creed" is great, but "Journey" was amazing, and those types of games refresh a gamer's mind for what a game should be.

With those experiences lost, things could get a bit boring.

Gaming has so much more to offer and with the exception of PC gaming, people should be able to access and play all of it on one system.

Wasn't that the original idea behind gaming consoles?

Developers providing one place where people can experience all types of games?

It has yet to be seen what Microsoft will do with Durango, but they must find a way to incorporate indie gaming, since it is such a significant portion of the industry.

Would you as a gamer be fine with just 15-20 AAA titles per year on your next-generation console, with no other option?

It's hard to imagine core gamers would have any interest in this happening.


A built in Kinect Sensor would be beast!

A built in Kinect Sensor would be beast!

that would be cool
...My hunger will never be sated.
Did you guys even read the article? lol, it talks nothing about a kinect sensor except the picture that states it built in.
I agree, Indi Developers should be able to offer up games on the XBLMP if they want to.. And yes,,, an connect sensor would be cool (Although I doubt I would use it :P )
i dont see any difference between the two (but a built-in microphone will be neat)
I don't like the design, looks cheap.
i think the kinect is something i would rather not pay extra for. i never play kinect games and it sucks as a mic, i dont need it. Oh and also indie games RULE
I agree with the article, Microsoft should be more open in the area of indie games.
I don't really care about kinect. I wouldn't buy any games like that. I just hope it doesn't turn into a wii and not be xbox. The mic might be good for voice commands though.

To be honest I rarely play any non-AAA games, but a change is good every once in a while.
The Heretic Grunt
Dec 17 2012 11:59 PM
I just want to play halo on it
i just want to play halo of 343 industries on it
A Built-In KINECT SENSOR in the 720 would be Just AWESOME!

A BUILT-IN KINECT SENSOR would be mo than Awesome! =)
when is it suppoesed to come out
You know the xbox 720 is obviously going to come out in 2013 ,but when in 2013 probably going to come out in the summer.Don't take that seriously that was just a guss,but I would really like to know when any time soon.
Hey Stealth pilot,the mic doesn't have voice command the kinect does,but don't the xbox is NOT to be turned into a wii,never it will.The wii has controlers and so dos the xbox,but the xbox has the kinect and the kinect is where you're the controler.Plus the wii is owned by Nintendo and the xbox isn't,so it's never going to be changed into a wii.
Sorry I ment,but don't WORRY the the xbox is NOT to be turned into a wii, never it will.
Oh and for those who wishes for a built in kinect,well THERE IS A BUILT IN KINECT in the the xbox 720.I'm tired for those who are saying " A built in kinect sensor would be awsome!"
Indie or Independently developed games are essencial to the gaming industy. It allows for creativity beyond AAA agenda. The problem is, outside of needing a Xbox Live Gold membership, that they are usually free AND don't offer multiplayer. Multiplayer is a cash cow for not only the develpers or their parent company but for Microsoft. DLC often takes much less to develop (map packs) and has a rather high margin compared to the actual game. Keep in mind that games are sold "in bulk" meaning it takes a ton of individual sales to break even. Without multiplayer the only chance small Indie devs have is to make their game a Live Gold exclusive so that there is an incentive for a Gold membership. Perhaps I am stating the obvious... Personally I love Indie games. they are pure and uncorrupted by greed and social expectations. Multiplayer, though fun is killing the value of the games themselves. The value, in my opinion is in the single player, the story told. Nobody remembers much about what they did in Halo 2 multiplayer, I don't and I played a ton, but I definitley remember the story. There is only so much money in the budget for a game and multiplayer takes part of that budget inevitably. Look at ME3 and its original ending. Besides EA being the greedy corparation they have become and rushing the devs they pushed multiplayer in a game that had no business doing so. In my experience RPG's should not have multiplayer. Look at the awesomeness of Skyrim! And, though I LOVE the new Halo 4, it had a short single player campaign in order to make room for multiplayer. I do enjoy the multiplayer but no at the expense of the single player story. So yeah, off subject, make room the the Independent small game developers and take note, they are the soul of game development... except for Bethesda, they are the example to followl.
they should try to find a way to get the new and inde companies on boared. you never know who will have the next big hit no one realy knew who bungi was 12 yrs ago. now we have the halo universe.
The first time you ever played Minecraft, that is the gaming experience the people want.
i think they should icorperate dowloadable indie games
does anyone know if the games from the original will be playable on this system? Such as lord of the rings third age.

i just want to play halo of 343 industries on it

343 did do an fn awesome job on it...