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Xbox 720 And PS4 Codenames And Details

Xbox 720 Kryptos PS4 Thebes Microsoft Sony IGN

Xbox 720 and PS4 new codenames and details.
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Here are some of the latest details about the next gen Xbox and Playstation and explains the change of their codenames.

All details below.

Source: IGN

While we've heard a range of speculation about the codenames of Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles, a new report is claiming to have outed them correctly for the first time, as well as revealing where their components are being manufactured.

Be sure to remember that none of the below has been confirmed by either Sony or Microsoft so, until it is, take it all with a large pinch of salt.

According to SemiAccurate, internal sources have revealed that Microsoft's next Xbox is is being developed as project "Kryptos". The report also asserts that, as we've heard previously, the AMD chip the console will run on is called Oban. Additionally, it seems that the manufacturing troubles with the chip that were threatening to derail the console's rumoured 2013 launch still haven't been cleared up, and Microsoft is running out of time to do so.

While we've now heard about the Oban chip from several different sources, this is the first time that the "Kryptos" codename has been thrown into the mix. We've previously heard the next-gen Xbox referred to as Durango; indeed, development photos and a supposed early version of the dev kit for Microsoft's next console that was sold on eBay went under that moniker. So which is the real codename? Sadly, for now at least, we have no idea.

Moving onto the console many are calling the PlayStation 4, it's apparently being referred to internally as project "Thebes". Once again, an AMD chip is meant to be at the centre of the console and this is planned to be produced at either Global Foundries or IBM. If true, this means the chip would enter production after Oban, meaning a projected release window for the PlayStation 4 would be sometime between spring and autumn 2013.

Again this conflicts with some of the information we've previously heard; numerous sources have referred to the PS4 as Orbis. This new report doesn't offer much more in the way of what's inside Sony's next console, but thankfully we have an extensive report from November that offers quite a few unconfirmed details.


Interesting, I hope Sony really improves their game with PS4. The Playstation 3's life had a lot of fumbling and stumbling...
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it did have a lot of fumbling and stumbling but it was still very good. I do hope it will be better than the ps3 was and that they fix any errors they find. I'm also excited for the xbox 720 but I really hope it doesn't get canceled at all, then I'd be ****** and disappointed.
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Hydra is soooo nooob
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with the technology atm they could make killer consoles. but that probably wont happen lol. cheap build high profit is whats it all about...
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Either way that we look at it there are a lot of kinks to still work out on consoles.it took Xbox till our gen 3's of the Xbox 360 models before we got to where we wanted to be without worry. whos to say that the "720" wont be the same. Im not knocking microsoft cuz i have a gen 1 console of the 360's.But if something derails the release date for the 720 it happens. All we can do is hope. As for the ps4 ive heard a lot of rumors of them going All digital and removing the need for a disk. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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i can honestly say i have no idea which 1 i want first!!!
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Starside Spartan
Dec 13 2012 08:16 AM
I really dont want the Xbox 720 to come out too early in 2013(assuming we live that long). I Should come out sometime next november or december that would be good
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sony sux microsoft rox
hi adam
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This source says that each new prototype gets a new codename if deep mods are made, that makes sense.
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Xbox always had the better graphics and the most effort put into it. If sony wants to make a name for themselves, they need to do some serious upgrading. The ps3 was completely a dead console for online players.
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Honestly, Playstation Network is horrible. How can we trust Sony, when they cant even keep their own damn network secure. I would stick with Microsoft, pay 50 bucks a year, knowing that my credit card info is secure and wont get stolen.
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Dec 19 2012 08:20 PM
so the PS4 Might be Better then Xbox 720 cause I have some reasons First most of us know PS3 had Free PSN Second PS3 had Uncharted,Infamus,and PlayStation All Stars.Third so what Microsoft has Freaking Halo Sony has Alot more game.Lastly PS3 takes money for DLC but Demos are free and sometimes Demos are better then the real game. Now I know 1 more Sony made it so you can have PlayStationPlus and hey does the Xbox 360 have an update like that NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My name on here is my PSN so if ur with me add me oh and PlayStationPlus cost like $50 so take that Alex.....I will be Back!!
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