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343industries had their panel at Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017 event today, where they discussed future content and support for already released Halo titles from then to now. At E3 2017, the Xbox One X was officially revealed, along with some launch titles...
Bonnie Ross stated at the D.I.C.E Summit earlier this year that Halo 6 will involve a more "simpler story" that focuses on the Master Chief and no new playable characters. She also stated that future titles will include the splitscreen option due to th...
Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
Breakout has been revamped but is it for the better? Tell us what you think!
This week we look into the Forge center of the Halo Community and I talk to Sir Iron Wolf about why it's great to be there.
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Next Halo In Early Stages Of Development

halo 343 xbox 360 frank oconnor microsoft cvg

Frank O'Connor talks to CVG about the next Halo game.

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Frank O'Connor talks a little bit about the next Halo project it's is now in the very early stages of development.

Read below for more details.

Source: CVG

343 Industries is gradually reallocating its teams to work on the next major Halo project, an executive at the studio has told CVG.

Frank O'Connor, the franchise development director for Halo, said that "a lot of people at 343 are already prototyping ideas and software and art for future Halo products".

He added: "I can't say more than that, but work on the game started actually before we launched Halo 4 and continues apace as we cycle staff through the team's vacation breaks. We're excited about the next game."

O'Connor didn't explicitly state that the next game is specifically Halo 5, though Microsoft has already confirmed that it is building a second trilogy of Halo titles.

Many within the 343 Industries studio are still working on post launch content for Halo 4, the latest being the curation of a major international Halo 4 tournament.

It has also developed a plot-led series of co-op games called Spartan Ops, which has been widely praised by critics. A second season of the co-op mode, however, remains up in the air.

"Spartan Ops season 2 is yet to be decided, we're looking at how the first season does," said O'Connor.

"We got such great responses from [live-action web series] Forward Unto Dawn and Spartan Ops that we're pretty happy with it and we're learning a lot of really interesting stuff for the future," he added. "You are going to see a spectrum of Halo support though the next year and beyond."


Go Franky, go!! And make that MMO already..
sounds cool i like it. good job frank. Keep it up! I loved the forward unto dawn! I need to finish spartan ops though
This is from a worried halo fan, actually I'm a bit more than a fan I'm more of a fanatic. So here we go. I've watched all of the spartan ops cinematics that have been released so far and I'm concerned about the spartan 4's, they are extrmely reckless, unprofessional, and disorganized. That's not who spartans are. I would understand if the only reason why they're that way is to show their inferiority compared to the spartan 2's, which is I hope that's why they are the way they are. So my issue is that, If you're planning on putting the surviving spartan 2's in the next halo game (Fred and kelly and a few others are definitely still alive if you read the book "Halo: Ghost of Onyx," by Eric Nylund) or in spartan ops that you do not make them anything like the spartan 4's...They are organized in combat and damn near telepathic as described in the "Halo: fall of reach," meaning there isn't much need for communication in combat situations. Please don't ruin the spartan 2's by making them too much like the spartan 4's.
-Sincerely, The worried Halo Geek.
Omg! I hope the next halo is Halo 2 remake! That would be so awsome!!

Omg! I hope the next halo is Halo 2 remake! That would be so awsome!!

Doubt it.
Spartan Ops was only good for the cutscenes. The rest was just copy and past multiplayer and campaign maps and throwing enemies at you... lol

Omg! I hope the next halo is Halo 2 remake! That would be so awsome!!

it will be a remake of halo two I heard about that. I know it doesn't mean or say it will come out before or after "halo 5" or the next halo (they are also talking about making the next halo into a prequel to reach) but I'm very sure that it's is going to be a halo two remake that will come out before the next halo, because thats how it was with the combat evolved anniversary.
the true spartan
Dec 07 2012 02:31 PM
okay, seriously? you guys haven't fixed some of the major bugs and glitches in the gameplay, maps, theater, and more, and yet your already talking about the next game?! you promised a new spartan ops mission every week to keep the players coming back, and yet you were lazy and only used multiplayer and campaign maps? 343 if you really want to impress us and keep us coming back, than change up the maps in spartan ops alittle bit(even if that does just mean giving us alittle freedom with the maps, open them up alil, do something) fix the glitches. you guys are starting to loose your most of your most dedicated players. i'm not saying this b/c im upset with you, but b/c i want to see halo go somewhere. we haven't had an outstanding game since 3, don't let halo 4 keep that streak going.
you guys should make the forge for halo 5 just like halo 3 because halo reach and halo 4 forge sucks.
halo 3 forge sucked. you couldnt do anything. reach has the best forge in all of halo!!!
This looks bad to me... a bunch of DLC already coming out, and planning the next game BEFORE the release of Halo 4?
I liked Halo from Bungie mostly because of the huge leaps from game to game. Gameplay, graphics, content, everything... And I think that takes time. Please don't continue to turn Halo into COD where I can't even tell which game's which.
Tom Snotpockets
Dec 09 2012 04:08 PM
So I love Halo but I don't read the books, just pay the games, so forgive me if this has been covered. I would love to see a game about What Noble Six did before joining Noble Team, explore a little of his lone wolf assassin history. I know I liked reach a lot more than most people but maybe a story about what happened to the last Noble Six, I know he died in an accident or whatever but I would love to see Carter and Jorge kill a few hundred coveys just one more time. Also thought the story of what happened to Jun after he left with Dr. Halsey would be a great story. One last thing is that I would love to see Cortana mention Noble Team at least once to Master Chief, pay them a little deserved respect for sacrificing themselves to get her off of Reach.
Sounds cool i like it
Dec 10 2012 12:48 AM
I CERTAINLY HOPE THAT HALO 4 ISN'T THE LAST WE SEE OF CORTANA.... I LOVE WHAT YOU GUYS DID WITH THE STORY. I JUST HOPE YOU DON'T LEAVE US HANGING!!!!!!!!!!! Without Cortana... It just won't have the same feel... It won't be Halo anymore. It would make my decade bright to actually have her come back in the next game... Just alittle hope during a bleak time in our existance here on this planet. Please don't let me down. Does anyone at 343 actually read these posts? If so... Make me a proud OLD MAN... I'm 38... and I have loved the Halo series games and have always gone back to them even when the other great ones come out. It is because of the Master Chief and Cortana. Thanks for a great ride. Signing Off.

These developers have proven to me that they can make an awesome game and pick up where bungie left off and take the franchise to new amazing levels! Of course there is room for lots of improvement but what will it take to prove it to you?
in halo 5 i would like the hornet and falcon on multiplayer instead of just bachees so it gives a wider range of aircraft
I belive that either in a dlc or in the next halo game a bot system should be used so people in forge can make there own co op games aka sparten ops or at the very least make a flood mode to do a bot system on. What do you all think? I belive it would be a great consept
Hope you have looked at servers for Halo 5. For a premier Microsoft X-Box franchise it's appalling that you have let the competition blow you away as far as quality in online gaming experience goes, Peer-to-Peer for Halo needs to come to an end (should have ended after Halo 2). I know plenty of people who have moved to Call of Duty to play on servers and avoid the horrendous latency associated with Peer-to-Peer, when they come on and play some Halo 4, their comments are, "Oh yeh I remember, LAG, see ya...', put another nail in the Halo coffin and persevere with this Peer-to-Peer rubbish...
i really believe 343 did an amazing job with this game it deserves to be game of the year. on a personal note i loved reach it was probably my favorite before halo 4. noble 6 was a badass and i wish he didnt die but man he went down LIKE A BOSS. would hate to see him and chief team up ohhh lord the poor covenant or flood. hmm might take some heat for this but they could take the Rookie ODST that you were back in halo odst ( sucked ) and make him a spartan character or just a new character in the story with chief ya know make him a character you use in the story for second player. ok but all in all i loved halo 4s story i bought this over black ops 2 and i will never regret my choice!!! please do not stop making halo games you guys are awesome.
Dec 13 2012 05:05 AM
Hopefully this new project you guys are working on ties up all the loose ends the halo story has so far....Example: what happened to the "spirit of fire ship from Halo Wars" and the rest of the Spartan II's?
Dec 13 2012 03:21 PM
This is an open call to 343 to do something Bungie should have done a long, long time ago, and something most other games already do...

halo is my favorite game ever and dont take wrong i love halo4 but they made the custom game menu to much like COD
Hey Tomsnotpockets, in the books on reach the chief actually was the spartan that retrieved cortona.. For some reason bungee and 343 thought it would be better to change the story even though they didn't for halo 2 and 3. The books are amazing read the reach one and you'll understand the games much more. I wish they kept to the books the story in my opinion is much better --- 343 please fix the bugs and glitches... Aim not is the biggest if people can do it with a thumb drive it needs to be fixed. It's halo not COD. I've been with halo from the beginning and it is my favorite franchise. Just starting to get fed up with the cheating and b.s.
Halo player.
Dec 21 2012 02:13 PM
Please fix bugs and glitches.
these are some of those if you don't know already.

Assassination blocks sometimes
You can't kill someone while he is entering a mantis or leaving
( Kinda fake)
Always when i splatter someone he bounces at it and survives?

These are some of those glitches/bugs

Oh and btw,
Campaign was nice, but you should make it more like halo2.
Many possibilities

Sorry for the bad english btw.
I'm dutch xD