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You read that right. 343 are really getting on with things, and we're finally hearing more about the long-awaited Halo TV Series.
343industries had their panel at Rooster Teeth's RTX 2017 event today, where they discussed future content and support for already released Halo titles from then to now. At E3 2017, the Xbox One X was officially revealed, along with some launch titles...
Bonnie Ross stated at the D.I.C.E Summit earlier this year that Halo 6 will involve a more "simpler story" that focuses on the Master Chief and no new playable characters. She also stated that future titles will include the splitscreen option due to th...
Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference...
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Fallout 4 'Wasteland Workshop' info-dump

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Earlier today, Bethesda launched a trailer for Fallout 4's next DLC 'Wasteland Workshop' as well as additional info on their main site...
Wasteland Workshop - serving as a follow-up to the 'Automatron' precursor - from what we know mostly contains advancements in homestead design along with creature harassment. The package includes...
  • Capture cages for monsters, animals, or humans alike: like Preston Garvey.
  • Pitting of tamed, wild, or domesticated creatures as well as unfortunate humans (like Preston Garvey) in a gladiatorial extravaganza for the amusement of yourself, and your bloodthirsty settlers.
  • OR unleashing of said creatures / hostile humans upon your unsuspecting posse for maximum carnage.
  • Planting of... plants onto excavated ground on aggravating dirt-less structures: like concrete, house floors, or in the enclosure you keep your enslaved humans in.
  • Utilization of groundbreaking technology like Radiation Scrubbers, Fusion Core Generators, or artsy Neon Letters for spelling "STAY THE FRICK OUT OF MY ROOM, PRESTON!".
  • Giant elaborate deathtraps of all shapes & sizes (floor spikes, rotating wall blades, humongous rat traps, etc) used for big or small game: like Preston Garvey.
  • Forgery of legitimate concrete or metal structures that lack the myriad of holes, and overall lack of quality by amateurish contractors. Looking at you, Marcy.
  • Release a grunt when an active ceiling fan slams against your cranium.
  • And finally, as Bethesda exclaims, "new design options for your settlements like nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and more!"
Check out the video in the spoiler if you'd like a more in-depth look at... whatever you're looking at:

The Wasteland Workshop descends upon the masses worldwide on Tuesday, April 12th across the Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms. Then, in May, 'Far Harbor' - a full-fledge expansion I liken to Point Lookout - approaches the Fallout 4 community like a tsunami. Here's to hoping Preston Garvey has an "accident" on the voyage to this mysterious land. :cheers:

Thanks for reading! :split:


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