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Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 3 Catherine [Full HD] * * * * * 4,135 Views

spartan ops 3 Halo: Reach episode 3 catherine halo 4 spartan ops

Description: The infamous Doctor Catherine Halsey is brought onboard Infinity. This is episode 3 of the new feature in halo 4 spartan ops. Currently the spartan 4's have recovered an artifact from requiem, the ancient artifact is known to be forerunner technology. Doctor Catherine Halsey has been brought onboard to take a look at the artifact. After the Doctor looks over the forerunner technology she realizes that it is communicating with other forerunner technology onboard.

1. The VIP: Parg Vol, a known sangheili terrorist and associate of jul'mdama, is confirmed to be on requiem.
2. Galileo: UNSC science base galileo requires assistance repelling enemy advances.
3.Spartan Mountain: Marine squad mountain has crashed behind enemy lines and requests immediate evac.
4.Shootout In Valhalla: Fireteam crimson's attempted rescue of mountain squad has gone sideways. Situation developing.
5. Hunting Trip: Covenant terrorist parh vol has been located again. There is no better opportunity to eliminate him.

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