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Beautiful Halo 5 Gun Sync

hope y'all like it and make sure to smack that like button really shows how much you all enjoy it :) don't forget to share this amazing gun sync :D

unknownphyzics | 8,335 Views

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halo 5 forge map From earth and stone

halo 5 forge map: From earth and stone. Supports a variety of game types.

thrillerkillers | 12,991 Views | 2 minutes

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Halo 5 Gun Sync (Desembra - Hit 'Em [NCS Release])

one of the best halo 5 gun syncs i have ever done :) i out so much hard work into this let me know what y'all think :)

unknownphyzics | 14,078 Views

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Steven Mosquera | 14,214 Views

Fan Made Halo 5: Guardians Music

*Wasn't able to upload the mp3 to my last post. Sorry. :p

Dreadcycle | 15,601 Views

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Fan Made Halo 5: Guardians Music

This is a piece I made in FL Studio 11. I made originally made this wanting it to play while in the main menu screen or Infinity menu of Halo 5: Guardians or even at the end of the game. When making music I go by the name of Paragon the Composer which...

Dreadcycle | 15,265 Views | 3:51/4.41MB

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Inside With Infinity Ep. #5 - Halo: The Master Chief Collection - GTA 5 First Person (And More!!)

Hello and welcome to this episode of Infinity Gaming. We hope that you guys enjoy this episode. As always comment, rate, and subscribe for more!

Infinity Gaming | 15,979 Views

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Halo 4 Gun Sync (Still Speeding) Watch in 720p

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Intro Song: The Two Friends - Feel Me (feat. Priyanka Atreya) (Clark Kent Remix)

unknownphyzics | 15,725 Views

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Halo 3: Community Forge Map Reviews

Hello and welcome to this episode of Infinity Gaming. We hope that you guys enjoy this episode. As always comment, rate, and subscribe for more!

Previous Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHEFDp777ng

343 Industries - htt...

Infinity Gaming | 15,762 Views

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Infinity Gaming

Infinity Gaming | 9,009 Views

Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars

Twinreaper | 8,673 Views

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ODST Recruitment Video

Edit of live action clips from Halo ads. Potential recruitment video for 105th Marine Expeditionary Unit (ODST). Hope you enjoy.

Song - Brand X Music, Saints and Sinners.
Halo Landfall
Halo: Reach, Birth of a Spartan...

EscapistGerry | 8,909 Views | 00:53

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200 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL! A Halo 4 Gun Sync HD720p

I would like to thank everyone that made me reach 200 subscribers :) this is a gun sync special, hope you guys like it. together we can reach for 300 subs lets do it :P please share this video it'll mean the world to me :')

unknownphyzics | 12,033 Views

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Smexy halo 4 Gun Sync The Intro remix #2 (A Must Watch) HD720p

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This is my 5th gun sync for Halo 4 :3
I have to say, i think this is one of my best one's yet i always say that right lol, what do y...

unknownphyzics | 8,564 Views

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Voice reel tryouts spartan 298

Is not JL | 8,567 Views

Halo 4 - Commentary :)

IncanZ | 8,394 Views

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Halo 4 - ''Breach 2''

Part 2 of the Breach series. Made by Infinity Studios.

Download here - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/4b9c5541-9d33-4dce-a1f8-2dc0fb69fcf0

Wanna see more of infinity studios? Click here and follow...

TeamInfinityOne | 8,419 Views

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Halo 2 PC 1080p Cutscenes

Halo 2 PC 1080p Cutscenes

XHN SCRAPY | 8,641 Views | 1 hour

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WTF Is This Mini Slayer

Man how to be a boss in any mode.

dougiefresh | 8,324 Views

Ghosts of Onyx! (Inspired by the book) -more to come!

The newest addition to my ever expanding list of original halo tracks. "MJOLNIR" and "The Pillar of Autumn" are coming soon ALSO free download!

Suggest your favorite moment in the Halo story to me! If I feel it as muc...

Bread Tomato | 8,278 Views | 6:01

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SGC Game Montage 2013

his trailer was made by both CallumsVNETWoRK and Dammo555.
Alot of time and work was done to create this video so if your a gamer feel free to like and show your support by subscribing to are channel by simply going to this link:

SGC | 5,865 Views | 0:00 - 2:49


Halo 4 Gun Sync preview (come and get it) 720p HD

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FREE DOWNLOAD of the new song Come & Get It --https://www.facebook.com/krewella/app...

You can download Krewella's...

unknownphyzics | 3,342 Views

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Water Front Day Four

TeamInfinityOne | 1,852 Views

Water Front Day Four

TeamInfinityOne | 1,745 Views

Smexy Halo 4 Gun Sync (the intro remix) HD720p Must Watch :)

unknownphyzics | 929 Views

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