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Amitayus Amitayus

Floating celestial covenant ship - MANY FUNKY FEATURES
I started this map months ago and have been polishing it hoping that someone might take a look at it. Amitayus is a celestial convenant ship with a magnetizing beacon element, snake accented t...

Tony Morais | 13,062 Views | 2:39

  Amitayus, Forge, Halo 5, Halo and 6 more...


Steven Mosquera | 14,269 Views

Why does this map hate me so mcuh?

Basically lockout, lockdown, blackout,whatever the heck you want to call it, hates me and I don't know why :(

Homicidal Pengu | 14,667 Views | 2:07

  Halo 2, halo 3, Halo MCC, Halo and 1 more...

A Halo:MCC Montage

So around 13 years of playing the amazing series known as Halo I had never made a montage. I've tried before when I was bored but it just never really worked out. But seeing as the Xbox One allows us to record and upload via the console; I thought...

TheGravemind | 15,336 Views

  HaloMCC, Montage, Gameplay

Achievements Guide

Achievements Guide for the trickiest acheevos.

tsog | 15,102 Views

HaloTracks Top 5 - August 2014

Series premiere of the HaloTracks Top 5 Countdown!

Jeffh3962 | 8,660 Views | 10:05

  top 5, countdown, forge, mongoose and 6 more...

My Warlock from Halo 2

I made this Warlock map form Halo 2 in the game Murder Miners, which is like Minecraft with Halo weapons and mechanics.

MrHarry Manback | 8,731 Views

  Murder Miners, Minecraft, Halo 2 and 1 more...

A halo 4 gun sync (Reason) Must Watch 720p

If you enjoyed it, please Like / Favorite / Subscribe / Post a comment, more Gun Sync's soon to come
please share this video, it'll mean the world to me :3

unknownphyzics | 9,227 Views

  Halo: Reach, halo 5, redvsblue

HT Supercross - Season 7 Trailer

A trailer I made for the 7th season of HT Supercross, and the first video I've made since a Waypoint video for Reach in 2010. Definitely going to keep improving and making more!

Jeffh3962 | 8,597 Views | 2:55

Smexy Halo 4 Gun Sync (Clarity) HD720p A Must Watch :)

If you enjoyed it, please Like / Favorite / Subscribe / Post a comment, more Gun Sync's soon to come
This is my fourth gun sync for Halo 4 :)
I have to say, i think this is my best one yet, what do you guys/girls think :D
Sorry if it...

unknownphyzics | 8,368 Views

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29/12/13 Halo 3 Playdate Part 1

Is not JL | 8,319 Views

Halo 4 - Commentary :)

IncanZ | 8,195 Views

Halo 4 - Capture the Flag - Ragnarok

IncanZ | 8,471 Views

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No Montage 6....
Quality could be better... but i had to reuse the video twice to edit and enhance the audio, because it was far to low on the first compilation. So it looks a little fuzzy =/

oh well its all good to me, not like im try...

XHN SCRAPY | 8,519 Views | 11 Minutes

  montage, halo 2 pc, halo 2 vista and 6 more...

Halo 4 SWAT


Kazadure | 8,369 Views | 7:23

My fist video

This is me Natefactorz I love halo and this is my first video out there but I wili have more soon.

Natefactorz | 8,253 Views

Kazadure's Youtube Intro

My Youtube channels new intro i made myself using windows live movie maker

Kazadure | 8,067 Views | 0:21

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Halo 4 Rampage Perfection: TheRedEyedDevil

I finally got a perfection worth recording (somewhat). They best part was the triple snapshot in the beginning, every thing after is was kind of boring.

Delete Me | 8,383 Views | 7 minutes

  TRED, Rampage Perfection


Weird kill I got on a Team Doubles.

DuplexMoth | 8,128 Views

  unusual kill


Made By - Infinity Studios A small UNSC

Link to the video-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUBlc-_M7Qg

Link To download-http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/firenight66/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7...

Team Infinity | 8,173 Views

  Halo 4 Forge Map


Team Infinity | 2,761 Views

  Halo 4 Forge MAP

How To Play Like A Pro

SaKenMadRaj | 1,915 Views

Step Ya Game UP! Play Like a SR130

Learn how to play like a sr130, learn the secrets tips and tricks

SaKenMadRaj | 1,451 Views


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mU80YG23gIM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

FORGE iNSANiiTY (THFP) | 666 Views

Grifball on Hangar 101 by Trifle


Trifle10 | 858 Views

  Halo: Reach, grifball, hangar 101