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#393674 Warhol

Posted by kimjongillwill on 13 March 2019 - 04:56 PM

Download here: https://halo4stats.halowaypoint.com/en-US/Halo4/kimjongillwill/fileshare/9d0978dc-d12d-4107-9400-a7ce53ee26a4


Warhol is a truly stunning work of art from the creative mind of a mad man. ill ian314 seamlessly blends color with shadow in the steamy depths of the Ravine canvas, utilizing innovative techniques such as working doors, vending machines and activatable landmines as an expression of the artist's views on the nature of consumerism and access in modern society.

red base long view.jpg

The artist's unique and powerful aesthetic sense is on full display, informing the design without overpowering the practical needs of everyday game play. Indeed, Warhol wouldst seem to be an ideal setting in which to shoot, stab and otherwise murder one's dearest friends and compatriots-- not only for the most learned of art critics (ahem), but also for even the most common of man.

yellow base close up.jpg

In summation, the hidden Easter eggs, unique atmosphere and functioning elevators found within this bold and sweeping retrospective on interstellar pop culture will surely 'raise' the question: is ill ian314 the most important American artist of the 21st century? Only time will tell...

orange base long view.jpg

Note from the editor: This map was forged by ill ian314, not kimjongillwill. kimjongillwill helped a little, but mostly he just wrote all this nonsense above and posted the map for ill ian314.

Download here: https://halo4stats.halowaypoint.com/en-US/Halo4/kimjongillwill/fileshare/9d0978dc-d12d-4107-9400-a7ce53ee26a4


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  • rocket pagoda.jpg
  • cyan base close up.jpg
  • vending machine.jpg
  • red base window.jpg
  • orange base close up.jpg

#389284 How Long Will Halo 4's Services Last?

Posted by kimjongillwill on 16 May 2017 - 03:31 PM

I don't think it's ever coming back with 343's full focus being on Halo Wars 2 DLC and the next title.


I think any maintenance on MCC or backwards compatible games is out of the question unfortunately

It's back up and running!

#386236 Xenomorph - A Salvation Map

Posted by kimjongillwill on 25 August 2016 - 01:33 PM


Click here to download Map

Click here to download Gametype


EDIT: New version, Xenomorph 2.0 is here! So, some of the pictures below are no longer exactly accurate. If you liked the first one, give 2.0 a shot. It features a lot of aesthetic and game play improvements.


Xenomorph is a Halo 4 map I made for the Salvation game type by AbandonedCashew. Aesthetically, It's an homage to 80's scifi/horror movies like Alien, while the gameplay emphasizes surprise attacks and close-quarters combat.


The story begins just after you've brought the only survivor of some catastrophe or other back to the medlab aboard your spaceship-- when suddenly, something goes terribly wrong.


You have to bring the ship's systems back online, search the ship for the monster, overload the engine core and then make it to the safety of the escape pod before the whole thing blows up.


Your shields don't regenerate unless you stand near the surgical robot in the medlab (called the ZOIDBERG 5000). You'll find shotguns in the cargo bay. The infected use a series of vent shafts to surprise and attack the human players. Vent shafts are highlighted to show the infected which shaft will lead them to the next objective the humans are trying to reach.


I recommend adjusting the 'Rescue Point Grace' depending on how many players you have. It's set to 10 seconds by default which works well for 3 players. The health settings for Xenomorph are very specific, so make sure you use the custom gametype. This map is completely useless without Salvation; it won't work for Slayer, Infection or anything else.


I know no one is really checking for Halo 4 maps anymore, but if you're still on the 360, give it a shot. I actually finished this map about 6 months ago but my 360 died on me before I could get pictures, so I've been waiting for Gamestop to live up to their end of my replacement agreement to post it. Special side note: DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO GAMESTOP. THEY F%#KING SUCK.


Couple of notes:

Activate the computer in the cargo bay to make a mounted machine gun appear inside the wooden crate. 

Activating one of the computers on the bridge will cause it to explode and turn off, as an ode to the many exploding consoles on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Salvation is an objective based game type, so you'll have to use computers, open doors and all sorts of other things in order to make it to the end of the level.

There are three kinds of flood to choose from: a small, fast, weak flood with unlimited thruster; a large, slow, strong flood with unlimited promethean vision; or an average size, speed, strength flood with no ability.

Special thanks to AbandonedCashew for making the awesome Salvation game type, to Biggteddybear, whose unfinished spaceship map inspired me to build Xenomorph, and to
ill ian314 and TomarEstasBolas for helping me test it a million times.


Click here to download Map

Click here to download Gametype

#258123 NOSTROMO Preview

Posted by kimjongillwill on 18 April 2013 - 01:24 PM

I JUST watched that movie. Looks good!