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bungie vs 343 Industries

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 09:35 PM

Oh, you're serious? Well let's look at it this way, who revolutionized the gaming industry, and who has made an HD re-make of an old game, a mappack, and a rather crappy RTS? Bungie made Marathon firstly, which was the first First Person Shooter to have a deep plot, one that blows Halo out of the water. Marathon alone puts Bungie above all else for me. Bungie also made the Myth games, which I've never played, but I've heard were good. Bungie also made Oni, which I also haven't played, but heard was good. Then Bungie made Halo CE, which of course, launched the XBOX (and is likely the main reason it took off), pioneered the realm of the blockbuster game, and went on to make Halo 2 and 3. They also made ODST in a little over a year. ODST was easily the greatest Halo game, and they made that in less than a year with a crazy-small staff. Although, kudos must also be given to how each halo in the main series has three or so years behind it, ensuring each game was fantastic.
Also, appreciation must be given to Bungie as they've survived despite keeping the company of sharks. When they moved into Microsoft and got an office, they ripped out the damned walls and changed the lock. XO's want to come in? They have to knock. Now they're moved over to Activision and are working on a massive MMO FPS that will most likely revolutionize the industry once more. From the leaks I've seen of Destiny, it looks badass. And deep. On B.Net, we're currently piecing together a map from various clues on Bungie merchandise, the website, etc. Lotsa stuff.

Meanwhile, 343i has yet to technically make a game that has been released. Halo CEA was an updated game, Halo Wars was actually made by Ensemble Studios, and Halo 4 has yet to release. Even if '4 does turn out good, they can't stand up to Bungie. Bungie is twenty years old, still going strong, and has made more cult classics than most other production studios, save ID Tech (but unlike ID Tech, most Bungie games knock the ball outa the park. DOOM's just a grind.)
Trying to compare Bungie and 343i is like trying to compare a grizzled war veteran who has more metal on his chest than you have silverware to a toddler.
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