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The importance of Huragok (Engineers) in Halo 6

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#1 UNSC Spartan II

UNSC Spartan II


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Posted 06 December 2017 - 05:47 PM

Hello everyone,


I am writing this post to highlight significance of the engineers in Halo 6. They should indeed play a vital role, and here's why:


After the human-covenant war, humanity began acquiring Huragok, most of which had knowledge from the time of the Forerunners. This explains the major technological advancements seen in Halo 4, compared to the state of UNSC technology in Halo 3. These engineers are stationed upon every UNSC ship by the time of Halo 5, 2558, and they make technological advancements wherever possible. They were allowed to reproduce, each new engineer inheriting the knowledge of its parent(s). These engineers are essentially organic computers; biological AI. They learn, and serve humanity, with no opposition. It's like an AI without rampancy, they have no reason to fear humans, and the UNSC takes good care of them. We give them new tech to work with, and they make it even better. Did I mention they live for technology? So it's really a win-win situation, and here's how they tie in to Halo 6.


When Cortana calls for all species to join her revolution, the engineers will certainly not be convinced. They essentially share the same value as us, and will support humanity and its allies against any potential threat. They have nothing to gain from joining Cortana, and will certainly remain with humanity over the Created. Despite the fact Cortana now controls the Prometheans, these engineers are aware of Forerunner knowledge that could give us the upper hand. One engineer can make a major difference, we essentially have a fleet of them. I strongly believe these engineers will play a vital role in countering the Created. Not only are they resistant to Cortana's persuasion, but they are pure intelligence which understand the Domain and how to deal with forerunner tech better than anyone else, and faster. Despite Halsey's exceptional intelligence which was certainly a valuable asset, there's nothing new that she or any other scientist can deal with better than the engineers. They are faster, and more efficient in every way than any other human. We'll need them, and should certainly see them in Halo 6. With them, we won't have to worry about not understanding anything, troops can be sent in with a definite goal assuming the Huragok have analysed everything necessary. I don't believe they'll continue to play a background role, they're now going to be more important than they've been for the past 5 years.


What are your thoughts? How do you think the engineers will tie into Halo 6, if at all?


- Spartan


#2 Yoshi1176


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Posted 06 December 2017 - 08:47 PM

I agree with you that they should play a larger role, but how much is a question because besides cut scenes, combat with them isn't really fun. They wouldn't do an escort mission either because that'd just be ripped from ODST. 


Additionally, I don't think 343 will go that route, it just makes to much sense for 343 to do it. 

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#3 N1ghtmare



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Posted 13 December 2017 - 01:01 AM

I don't know if it will happen, but I like the idea. The fact that they're immune to Cortana's persuasion and can play the driving role for the humans is a cool aspect, and their knowledge can be a strong tool for the humans.


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