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Slik's Sik Picks

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 10:47 PM

Slik's Sik Picks


Tired of games you payed $60 for and just put down right away? Are the games you're playing became mundane? Do you want to pour hours into a game you will enjoy for a long time? Say no more, for Sikslik7 has got you covered, with his Sik Picks, games that are worth every penny. The next time these games go on sale at your local games store, big box store, steam, XBL, Nintendo Store, or through the publisher themselves, be sure to snag a copy (and in may cases the DLC). I guarantee* these games will be fun and entertaining. In fact, I'll put my money where my mouth is and give you my next 343iCF Staff paycheck, made payable directly from Drizzy_Dan, RedStarRocket91, and Church. So, without further staff volunteer time being wasted, let's get to the first selection of games!


Strategy Games


I figured I would start with some of the best strategy games I've played in recent years. Each of these have active communities and massive followings, with countless hours of unique gameplay and replay-ability. Most of these games require a PC to play, so grab your keyboard, and your Steam Wallet and watch for the sales!


1. Age of Empire II: HD Edition


A revamped version of one of the greatest Real-Time Strategies of all time, both graphically and functionality. Made by the same people (Ensemble Studios) who created the original Halo Wars. The AI has been tuned to additional levels of ruthless challenge, giving even the best players a run for their money. Additional civilizations have been added to the game, giving both tweaks on classic strategies and new ways to Wololo your enemies to their doom. Can your empire rise to infamy in the middle ages, or will be be but a footnote in history?


2. Total War: Rome II


From the people who made Halo Wars 2, comes the series they are known for: Total War. An older game to be sure, with no announced plans for additional DLC (Creative Assembly have mentioned there may be another major DLC on the way). The game can be an investment if you buy all the DLC, but each DLC can be bought over time, as each expands various culture groups available in the base version of the game, which comes with a variety of playstyles, factions, and locations throughout the world. This game mixes together a turn based campaign map with epic real-time battles. If you want to know more, ask Church about the staircase.


3. Crusader Kings II


Deus Vult! If you like roleplaying, generational planning, and wars over the Holy Land, This is the game for you. Play across generations of a Noble Dynasty, expanding your power and lands over time. Take control of new lands through marriage, war, assassinations, and Papal interference. Do you support your liege, or plot behind his back? If you enjoy Game of Thrones, this game emulates much of the political and military struggles (did I mention there is a GOT Mod?). DLC includes new religions to play as, lifestyle choices, secret cults, events, and of course all the more ways to seduce the lovely and ever-wonderful Glitterhoof.


4. Europa Universalis IV


Coming out of the Middle Ages, the world is ready to be redrawn. Colonize the New World, consolidate your dynasty under one throne, drive the Turks out of Europe, or establish Russia hundreds of years earlier. Can Protestantism declare itself the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire or will the Aztecs colonize Europe? Only time can tell whether your nation will be a great power, or trampled into the dust. Play anywhere in the world, as any religion, as any government. Will it be your economy, army, navy or political actions that keep your nation above the rest? Just don't forget to plan ahead, otherwise you may find yourself partitioned by the coalitions formed to stop the growing tide.


5. Hearts of Iron IV


The third game on this list from Paradox (CKII and EUIV being the others). Twenty years after the end of the Great War and another one is about to start.Will you join the Allies, the Axis, or form another faction to bring about a new world? Turn your peaceful economy into an unbeatable War Machine, research and form a military to fight across land, sea, and air. Will the United States ever get out of the Great Depression, or will the Communist Revolution come to American shores? Will the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, or split the Pacific in a secret pact with the United States? Will Facism, Communism, or Democracy reign supreme? Wage war across the world for a second time, in a war to truly end all wars.


6. XCOM 2


Many of you saw or participated in the Let's Play RedStarRocket91 did last year of the game using various Halo Mods (Found here http://www.343indust...y-plays-xcom-2/). If you enjoy turn-based games with tile-based movement, this is the game for you. Rescue humanity from Alien Oppression with your own unique squad. Develop the team and resources you need to free humanity. With brand new DLC out, now is the time to 



So there it is, the first six Slik's Sik Picks. Let me know what you guys think of these games, or let me know if you ever want to play any of them with another person. If there is another type of game you want me to cover, or for try a specific one, comment below!


*All guarantee claims must be submitted via PM with no less than 1000 words of meaningful content (as per discretion of myself), and please allow one week for processing. This offer is by no means serious or legitimate, just like my ******** in CKII.

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