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Brief Introduction to Pokemon Mega Guild System

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 02:37 AM

Pokemon Mega is available Now! It's a turn-based game highly faithful to the details of the classic cartoon Pokemon. In this game, you are a Pokemon trainer. Your task is to capture Pokemon in the wild, train and upgrade them. Pokemon can be evolved just like in the cartoon. After evolution, Pokemon will acquire the new skills and higher battle power!
Guild System is an important part of Pokemon Mega, it unlocks at player Lv 26. After creating a guild successfully or joining a guild, you can make more friends to adventure and grow together. You can also use Technology function. Next we will introduce some functions to you.
Guild Hall
After tapping on Guild icon in the main interface, you can enter Guild Hall.
Tap on “Members” in the lower right of the interface to view other guild members’ relevant information, such as level, online status and CONTRIB etc.
Tap on “Donation” in the center of the interface; you can donate to your guild. There are three ways to donate: Gold Donation, Med Donation and Adv Donation, and five times to donate Pokemon every day. Donating Higher star-level Pokemon means obtaining more Tech Coins and CONTRIB, which proves you make more contributions to your guild.
The Shop is at the upper left of the guild hall. The currency you use in the shop is obtained through one of three ways donation! Higher level guild can unlock more items, so please try your best to level up your guild!
The most important function for guild members is at the upper right of the interface: Technology. There are many different kinds of skills to increase Pokemon’s attributes in Technology. In Individual, you need to use Tech Coins obtained through Pokemon Donation to level up skills. Technology unlocks at Guild Lv. 2. Guild members need to donate Gold to level up Technology, and there is no donation limit here.  
Guild Instances is at the lower left of the interface; it unlocks at Guild Lv 5. The guild in the current server that first kill the Boss will obtain great rewards. You can tap on the Boss to view rewards detail.
At last, we will introduce another guild benefit to you: Top-Up Reward. Any guild members who top-up in the game can automatically send chests to the guild. Based on the top-up amount, more top-up means sending higher value chest but less people can claim it. So please claim the chest as soon as possible!

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