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Tell me your favourite Halo characters and the reasons why they are so good

Characters and Halo

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#1 ProphetofTruth



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Posted 18 March 2017 - 04:00 AM

We all love a good well-designed character in a video game like Halo. Character development and stable characterization can sometimes be considered as a factor that contributes to getting a larger gaming audience. Of course, characters that purposefully exist in the games playable campaign is sometimes what we as an audience look forward to seeing because characters in video games like Halo can sometimes create an emotional connection, as in you relate to them.

And example of a character that I deeply relate and admire on an emotional perspective, would probably be Master Chief because we both share the quiet subtle differences in our personalities =)

So, as you guys know I am very intrigued to find out from you guys what your own favourite Halo characters are (Doesn't matter if it's from any single one of the game series, it can be from the comics/novels as well). And just give me your reasons as to why you like your chosen character that exists within the Halo universe =)

Post a picture of your favourite Halo character and above put in the description of who they are, why you chose them, etc.

I'm new here, and it's my first time doing a proper thread; with of course the exception of the introduction thread, but I guess that doesn't really count. Just seeing if what I'm posting for the first time has any value as I'm going through a strange writers block phase of coming up with thread ideas and then just disagreeing with myself. So yeah.

#2 I_Make_Big_Boom


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Posted 18 March 2017 - 03:27 PM

Welcome to the site! :)


Some of my favorite characters include:



The Gravemind.


It's a galactic hyper-intelligent hive-mind zombie monster who has lived for a verrry long time. When the Flood show up you know you're screwed.


I like the Gravemind mostly because of his cryptic, and dark yet poetic dialogue. The nearly unkillable zombies that it controls are just icing on the cake. There's not much else to say except that it should make a return.



The Ur-Didact.


Allot of people like to criticize Halo 4 for having a weak villain, but I disagree: it has a strong villain, but a weak endgame boss. The Didact is a compelling, and intimidating individual, and feels like a worthy challenge to the Master Chief. While his motives are obviously bad (pls no kill the Humans), a certain level of validity is given once found out that he was brainwashed by the Gravemind: turning him into a tragic villain. He's been around since before the Halo Event, and to have someone with that incite respond to the world created in its wake is very interesting.


Like the Gravemind, the Didact is usually kept behind the scenes, and likes to harass the Player over the mysterious brain-intercoms, like the Gravemind. His dialogue is very articulate: Keith Szarabajka makes it very convincing.


It's unfortunate that he was totally forgotten by Halo 5, and I really hope they try to bring him back. The way he went out is an injustice to his character, and what he means to the franchise.


#3 mendicantbiasOffensiveBias



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Posted 14 May 2017 - 01:49 PM

Thel vadame, Kurt 051, 117, Linda, Del rio, parangoski, Halsey. Those are my favorites.

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