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My Halo 5 Story/Campaign Rewrite

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Posted 28 March 2016 - 07:24 PM

HALO 5:Guardians
Note: A lot of this is probaly not possible either due to time constraints or Halo 5's 60fps engine limitation.  This could probaly only be possible if Halo 5 could run at 30fps.
1: Osiris: Fireteam Osiris: Kamchatka
2: Blue Team: Blue Team: Argent Moon
3: Awakening: Blue Team: Meridian
4: Invasion: Fireteam Osiris: Meridian
5: Genisys: Blue Team: Genisys
6: Hunters: Fireteam Osiris: Sanghelios
7: Swords of Sanghelios: Fireteam Osiris: Sanghelios
8: Battle of Sunaion: Fireteam Osiris: Sanghelios
9: Cortana: Blue Team: Genisys
10: Lethal Force: Fireteam Osiris: Genisys
11: Survival: Blue Team: Genisys
12: Guardian: Blue Team: Control Guardian
13: Assault: Blue Team & Fireteam Osiris: Earth
Mission 1: Osiris: Fireteam Osiris: Kamchatka
Cutscene:(Music from beginning of Halo 3 plays)343 Industries Logo, Microsoft Studios Logo
Cuts to space, Infinity flies past of screen(Think Beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope).
Cuts to Buck walking up to Vale and Tanaka, who are waiting in front of a Pelican in Infinity's hangar.  Buck wants to know why Locke ordered them to the Pelican.  Locke walks up to the group and briefs them.  Buck mocks Locke by saying that this "all important mission" is just another "hit and run."  Locke says it's about Dr. Halsey and Buck shuts up.  Dr. Halsey has information on the encoded signals Infinity has been detecting for the last week.  Osiris prepares to lift off.
Cuts to the Pelican flying on Kamchatka.  
Gameplay: Osiris jumps out of Pelican.  You slide/fight down the mountain. You are basically playing the cutscene at the beginning of Halo 5.  You can't stop falling down the mountain such as when Osiris jumps down  the Guardian in Halo 5.  Osiris lands on the ground.  Tanaka says Halsey's location is up a hill in a Covenant Outpost.  Prometheans randomly begin to attack both you and the Covenant.  Vale wonders why they are attacking the Covenant.  Battle down the path.  A Kraken is walking above you.  Stick to the caves to avoid the Kraken's plasma fire.  Fight up the hill to get to the Covenant outpost, fighting through the battle between Covenant and Prometheans.  Enter the Outpost and fight towards the control room.  Clear the control room.
Cutscene: Vale gets live security camera/hologram footage.  Osiris sees Jul Mdama with Halsey on top of the outpost on the camera.  Mdama is angry that Halsey can't give him the source of the signals.  Halsey taunts Jul by saying that he is too stupid to do it himself and he wont kill Halsey because he needs her.  Jul raises his energy sword to Halsey, but stops short of her neck.  Halsey says,"my point exactly."  
Gameplay:  Fight to the top of the Outpost.  As you reach the top, you see Jul and Halsey fly away on a phantom over a massive canyon towards another facility nearby.  Clear the top of the outpost.  Take either a phaeton or a banshee and chase Jul to the facility.  Battle other aircraft as you fight towards the facility.  Land at the facility.  Enter the facility and fight through it.  Jul landed on top of a tower.  Climb/parkour up the tower.  You see Jul Mdama.  
Cutscene:  Jul Mdama's second in command aproaches Osiris.
Boss Battle: Jul Mdama's Second in Command: has upgraded shield.  Can go invisible.  Has a fast dodge roll ability, such as evade from Halo: Reach.  Can throw 3 plasma grenades at once.
Cutscene:  Buck finishes off the second in command.  Vale and Tanaka kill the Elites guarding Halsey.  Mdama runs to the phantom.  Locke chases him and shoots Jul twice, but his shield absorbs it.  Jul escapes in his phantom and Locke begins to get angry but stops when he hears Buck say they secured Halsey.  Halsey makes a sarcastic remark about Spartan IVs and how they cannot compare with IIs.  Locke is annoyed with this.  Osiris heads to the evac zone.
Mission 2: Blue Team: Blue Team: Argent Moon
Note: This is very similar to the actual mission in Halo 5
Cutscene: On a Pelican, Blue Team worries about Chief because he has been taking so many missions.  Kelly says it can't be worst than destroying a massive ring, falling from space 3 times, overthrowing an insane monarch, saving the galaxy, and killing an ancient alien.  Fred notes that Chief has been distancing himself, even more than usual.  Chief, who is driving the Pelican, reports to Infinity that he sees Argent Moon.  Lasky reminds him that the experimental ONI ship is the number one priority.
Gameplay: Blue Team jumps out of the Pelican.  They space walk, battling Jackals, towards a window.  Burst through the window.  The power is out.  Battle towards the control room.  Enter the control room.  Turn on the power.  Head towards the hangar. Get past the covenant.  You enter a hall with a large window.
Cutscene:  Blue Team sees Covenant warships warp in.  Kelly suggests scuttling the station so the Covenant can't salvage it.  Chief agrees.  Chief collapses.  Chief sees a vision(He can see it because of what the librarian did to him).  He sees Cortana, who tells him to go to Meridian, as a massive bird like creature rises out of the ground and Cortana disappears.  Chief wakes up.  Blue Team wonders if Chief is OK, but Hunters burst into the room.
Gameplay: Defeat the hunters.  Battle towards the station's reactor.  Clear the reactor room.  Start the meltdown.  The station's back up systems kick in.  Head towards the back up generators.  Exit outside.  (Same as the banshee room in the actual game)  Destroy all the back up systems.  Re-enter the facility.  Fight to the hangar.  Clear the hangar.
Cutscene: Chief says they need to head to Meridian, Fred is confused.  Chief says they can head back to Infinity first, but Chief is going after that.  Blue Team refuses to leave Chief.  They get in the ONI ship and fly off as the station explodes, dodging shots fired by the Covenant warship.  Blue Team heads to slipspace.  Chief tells Infinity he is heading to Meridian, against Infinity's wishes.
Mission 3: Awakening: Blue Team: Meridian
Cutscene:  Osiris, Palmer, Halsey, and Lasky discuss the signals they have been detecting.  Halsey reveals she decoded the signals, and they are not just forerunner in origin, but also UNSC.  Lasky gets confused.  Halsey also says the strongest one is on Meridian.  Halsey says Glassman was too incompetent to figure that out.  Lasky gets informed that the Master Chief and Blue Team have gone AWOL, and are heading to Meridian.  Buck wonders what Chief has to do with this.  Halsey suspects Chief knows something about the signal they don't, and is probaly heading to it's location.  Lasky orders Osiris to get ready to head to Meridian and locate the Master Chief and figure out what he is doing.  
Blue Team lands on Meridian.  Coordinates get sent to the ship.
Gameplay:  Evade guard/miner patrols.  Only use lethal force if they open fire, but try to be stealthy.  Covenant warships tracking the Master Chief through a tracker on they placed on the ONI ship arrive on Meridian.  Fight through the  Covenant.  Enter Meridian Station.  Help the citizens battle the Covenant.  Enter a building.
Cutscene:  Govenor Sloan tells Blue Team to halt.  Chief keeps walking and Sloan closes the door so Chief can't leave.  Sloan orders Chief to say who he is and why the UNSC are on Meridian.  Against Fred's wishes, Chief says he is Petty Offiver John 117.  Slaon thinks for a second, then lets Chief through without asking any more questions, saying, "he is the one she was talking about."  Kelly gets worried but Chief dismisses her.
Gameplay: Continue fighting Covenant towards the coordinates.  Prometheans arrive on Meridian.  Fight through the Prometheans.  Battle up the trail, using any vehicles you find(Warthogs, Mongooses, Scorpions, Ghosts, Wraiths).  Climb the Volcano.  Fight Prometheans and  Covenant on the top of the volcano.  Descend into the volcano's crater.  Linda spots a Forerunner tunnel.  Climb/ jump/parkour to the forerunner tunnel.  Follow the tunnel, fighting prometheans.  A voice tells Chief and Blue Team to head to the control room.  Covenant burst into the forerunner structure.  Fight to the control room.  Enter the control room.
Cutscene:  Blue Team enters the control room, and they see a Promethean.  Before they fire the promethean says he is friendly.  He says he is the Warden Eternal, keeper of the domain and all of it's secrets.  The warden asks Chief to turn on a console, since he is the only one who can do it, thanks to the librarian's gift.  Fred wants to know what the Warden is talking about.  Chief starts walking towards the console despite Blue Team's protests.  Chief hesitates, but then activates the console.  Thr ground  begins to rumble, as a maasive bird structure rises out of the volcano.  The Warden reveals it to be the Control Guardian.  Chief stands still and looks at  the Guardian, seemingly in fear.
Mission 4: Invasion: Fireteam Osiris: Meridian
Cutscene: Meridian's citizens look up at the Control Guardian in horror.  Osiris lands at New Meridian City and sees the Control Guardian.  The Guardian sends out a shockwave.  
Gameplay: Survive as the city collapses around you.  Run to escape a collapsing building.  Screams fill the air around you as you run through the collapsing city.  You see civilians being crushed and killed by the debris.  As the city finishes topling over, A massive Promethean army comes out of slipspace and starts decimating the remaining infastructure.  Fight through waves of prometheans.  A promethean warship(Basically the promethean's version of a corvette) warps in.  Buck suggests destroying it to try and at least save some lives.  Fight towards the warship's landing zone.  You see Prometheans assaulting a bunker.  Clear the outside of the bunker.  Enter the bunker.  
Cutscene:  You are stopped by Sloan, who isn't angry, but intrigued at what happened.  Tanaka gets angry that Sloan doesn't care about his people.  Sloan dismisses her.  Locke questions Sloan if he has seen another Spartan.  Sloan suggests that that Spartan caused this.  Vale wonders what the galaxy would think if that was true.  Locke informs Lasky of his findings, but finds out that communication is knocked out.
Gameplay: Continue fighting towards the warship.  Jump onto the warship as it lifts off.  Fight to the reactor core.  Destroy the core.  Escape the ship as it explodes.  Jump out of the ship.
Cutscene: Tanaka sees the ONI ship flying towards the Control Guardian.  It could only be piloted by the Master Chief.  Osiris calls in their Pelican to pursue, but it is shot down in front of them by a phaeton.  The Control Guardian warps away.  
Gameplay:  Find another Pelican.  Enter the ruins of Meridian Station.  Enter the Pelican.
Mission 5: Genisys: Blue Team:     Genisys
Cutscene: Blue Team arrives on a beautiful garden world(not some gross swamp, who would be stupid enough to do that?) Blue Team wonders where they are.  Fred wonders how many people died on Meridian.  The Warden arrives and tells Blue Team to head to the pillar in the distance.  The Warden teleports away.  Covenant Warships tracking the Control Guardian warp in.  Linda gets the warthog and mongoose out of the back of the ONI ship.  Fred asks Chief again how many people died and Chief says he doesn't know.  Blue Team talks among themselves.  They are worried about Chief and what else he might do.
Gameplay: Warthog run.  Head to the pillar.  Starts off easy with just infantry covenant trying to stop you.  You head over a stone bridge.  It starts to collapse behind you.  The covenant send in banshees.  Keep driving.  Use Gravity Lifts to propel the warthog/mongoose furthur.  Dodge the Kraken gunfire and the Kraken itself.  Arrive at a tunnel.  Exit the Warthog/mongoos.  Warthog run ends.  Enter a forerunner structure.  You encounter prometheans, but they aren't firing at you.  The Prometheans follow you.  Exit the structure.  Battle covenant with the Prometheans.  Fight through the covenant blockade(The covenant have wraiths and ghosts).  Keep moving towards the pillar.  The kraken returns.  Battle the kraken(The kraken would have actual ai like a scarab).Board the Kraken.  Destroy the core.  Escape the Kraken as it explodes.  Continue moving towards the pillar.  Fight through the cave either using ghosts, phaetons, or going on foot.  You see the pillar, which the Warden reveals to be the gateway to the Domain.  Clear the covenant and enter the building.
Cutscene:  The Warden tells Blue Team that Chief is the only one that can come.  Blue Team protests, but Chief follows the Warden and a door closes behind them.  Chief and the Warden enter a teleporter.  Chief follows the Warden down a long hallway.  The Warden says that the building is a Domain Gateway.  They enter another room, and a blue light shines on Chief.
Mission 6: Hunters: Fireteam Osiris: Sanghelios
Cutscene: Lasky informs Osiris that about 2.5 million died on Meridian.  Locke says Chief probaly caused it, but Lasky says Halsey already figured that out, since she remembered that the librarian told her only one person could start the Reclamation.  Halsey says Chief is becoming more Forerunner than human.  Lasky says if this gets out, it would look horrible for not only Chief, not just the UNSC.  Lasky remembers last time Chied supposedly went rogue(Hunt the Truth).  The UNSC has declared the Master Chied dead, after dying in a firefight with a rogue Spartan that was working with the Covenant.  Chief will die as a hero.  Halsey says that if her calculations are correct, another Guardian, which she figured out that what is was named through the signa, will awaken on Sanghelios in 2 days.  The Guardian on Meridian was the Control Guardian, which starts the process of awakening them all.  Buck asks if it is bigger, Halsey gets annoyed, but answers yes.  Osiris' mission is to scout Sunaion, where the Guardian is located.
Gameplay: Land on Sanghelios.  Vale admires the architecture of the Sanghelii ruins.  Fight through Jul Mdama's Covenant.  Find a way across the canyon.  Massive Covenant Army attacks. Infinity sends in rienforcements.  Massive battle between UNSC and Covenant(Scorpions, Mantises Warthogs, Mongeese, Wraiths, Ghosts, Banshees).  Defeat the Covenant forces.  Battle up the hill.  You see Sunaion.  It is heavily defended.  Locke sends pictures to Infinity.  Defend the hill against an overwhelming number of Covenant.  Try to survive.  
Cutscene:  Osiris is being overwhelmed, Infinity is unable to send anymore support for 10 minutes.  The Swords of Sanghelios arrive.  They defeat the Covenant.  Locke and Osiris are arrested by the Swords, since Locke is one of the most wanted things on Sanghelios.
Mission 7: Swords of Sanghelios: Fireteam Osiris: Sanghelios
Cutscene: Locke is on trial for his attempted assassination on the Arbiter.  Vale tries to reason with the Arbiter, but the Arbiter wants to hear from Locke.  The Arbiter questions why Locke is on Sanghelios.  Locke says he is there to scout Sunaion.  Arbiter says attcking Sunaion is a death sentence.  Locke, "Without the strongest ship in the UNSC fleet it is."  The Arbiter wants to know why they are going to attack Sunaion.  Locke says he needs to find the Master Chief.  Arbiter gets annoyed by this.  Locke says he has never failed to get his target.  Arbiter says he couldn't get him.  Locke says ONI scrapped the plan.  Arbiter is getting annoyed by Locke.  An explosion destroys part of the roof.  The Covenant are attacking.  Locke calls Infinity.
Gameplay: Find a Weapon.  Surive the Covenant ambush.  Get to the Arbiter.  Escort the Arbiter.  Exit the courtroom.  Clear the courtyard.  Escort the Arbiter to a phantom.  The Arbiter escapes on a phantom.  A Kraken is dropped in.  Get to the temple the Kraken is attacking(Ghosts, Wraiths).  Two more krakens dropped in nearby.  Destroy the first Kraken.  
Cutscene: Infinity arrives.  Infinity destroys the two remaining Krakens.  Infinity lands nearby.
Gameplay: Fight through a canyon towards Infinity.  
Cutscene: Osiris arrives at Infinity.  Palmer and other Spartan IVs secure the area.  Arbiter lands.  Lasky and the Arbiter meet.  Arbiter can prepare an attack force in 20 hours.  The Guardian awakes in 21.  Covenant inbound.
Gameplay: Defend the area with Palmer, Lasky, Spartan IVs, Arbiter, marines, and the Swords of Sanghelios.  Infinity shoots down a covenant warship.
Mission 8: Battle of Sunaion:       Fireteam Osiris: Sanghelios
Cutscene: The Guardian will awake in 20 minutes.  Infinity and Arbiter's ship attack Sunaion, destroying it's defenses, the last Covenant stronghold.  Jul Mdama watches the attack from his tower.  Palmer drops Osiris on Sunaion from a Pelican.  
Gameplay: Battle through Sunaion.  Get to the Guardian's location.  Meet up with the Arbiter's forces.  Push through the Covenant.  Infinity and Arbiter's ship warp out so they don't get destroyed by the Guardian.  Prometheans warp in and start sieging Sunaion.  Battle through the city's barracks, with support from Palmer's Pelican.  Destroy the Covenant's weapon cache(Michael Bay Style Explosion).  Continue fighting towards the Guardian.  The Guardian awakens, rising out of the ocean.  Survive the awakening.  Assisst the Swords of Sanghelios taking the temple.  Destroy phaetons.  Push towards the Guardian.
Cutscene: The Warden Eternal warps in.  Osiris sees him.  The Warden is amused by "the humans' futile attempts."  Locke orders Osiris to kill the warden.  Arbiter arrives.  The Warden says Cortana needed only one human.  Osiris gets confused since Cortana was destroyed.
Boss Battle: Defeat the Warden Eternal(Don't worry, he only has one body this time).  The Warden can teleport, fire laser blasts, and mini black holes.  He also has a sword.
Cutscene: The Warden is injured.  The Warden warps away as Locke tries to finish him off.  Arbiter says he is going after Jul Mdama.  The Guardian is about to warp.  The Arbiter wishes Osiris luck, even though he may not agree with what they will do to the Master Chief.  Palmer picks up Osiris in her Pelican and flies them to the Guardian.  Palmer is shot down but Osiris gets on the Guardian.  Arbiter finds Mdama.  Arbiter and Jul sword fight.  The Guardian warps away.  Jul is losing but a phantom saves him.  Arbiter looks for cover and Jul escapes on the Phantom.  
Mission 9: Cortana: Blue Team:    Genisys
Cutscene: Chief looks at the beautiful(not swamp because swamps are ugly) Genisys landscape.  Chief remembers seeing Cortana again(we didn't see it in the last Blue Team mission).  Cortana survived by warping to the domain using the Didact's ship. The Domain showed Cortana how to cure her rampancy. Cortana wants Chief to head to 3 different coordinates and activate terminals there.  Chief asks why, but Cortana makes Chief promis instead.  Chief hesitates, but promises.  "Don't give a girl a promise you can't keep."  Back in the present, Chief meets with Blue Team.  They are reluctant to help Cortana at first, but Chief says Cortana didn't know how many people died on Meridian, but Fred says that Chief knew what happened.
Gameplay:  Head to the first coordinate.  Linda wonders how many people fell to that Guardian.  Activate the first console.  Head to the second coordiante.  Help the Warden Eternal assault a building guarded by Covenant.  Clear the building of Covenant.  Parkour across mobing platforms to get to the second coordinate.  Activate the second console.  Exit the building.  Another Guardian warps in(this is the one from Sanghelios, but Blue Team doesnt't know that).  Get through the Covenant.  Battle across a large, long bridge to get to the other side(Wraiths, phaetons, banshees, ghosts).  Enter the building on the other side of the bridge.  Continue moving towards the third coordinate.  Defeat the covenant.  Activate the third console.
Cutscene: All you see is Cortana's eyes opening.  The Warden ambushes Blue Team, saying they have served their purpose.  The prometheans turn on Chief.
Gameplay: Survive the ambush.  Escape the area.  Get back to Cortana.  
Cutscene: Blue Team is surrounded by prometheans.  The Warden walks up to Chief preparing to kill him but Cortana arrives, as a physical being, and kills the Warden Eternal by shooting him with a blue laser.  The Prometheans all turn blue and stop attacking Blue team.  Cortana touches Chief.  Three more Guardians warp in.
Mission 10: Lethal Force:             Fireteam Osiris: Genisys
Cutscene: About twenty minutes earlier: Infinity can't track Osiris due to the Guardian cutting out Osiris' communications.  Osiris and the Guardian arrive on Genisys.  
Gameplay: Jump/fight down the Guardian(same as in the actual game).  Land on Genisys' surface.  Locate the Master Chief.  Fight through both Covenant and Prometheans(Phaetons, Banshees, Wraiths, Ghosts).  Head to the pillar that the Control Guardian is near.  Three more Guardians warp in.  
Cutscene: Tanaka sees Blue Team.
Gameplay: Fight through Prometheans to get to Blue Team.
Cutscene: Master Chief and Blue team discuss the Guardians and Cortana.  Five more Guardians warp in.  On Infinity, reports are coming in that Guardians are rising all over the galaxy, three of which awoke on human colonies.  Roland and Halsey detect ten more that are abut to rise, four on human colonies.  Halsey detects something powering up outside of the galaxy.  Cortana(Infinity still doesn't know about her) is calling all Guardians to her at one time.  Infinity detects 86 Guardians rising.  On Genisys, Osiris tells Blue Team to surrender.  Locke questions Chief about Cortana.  Chief says Locke will not hurt her.  Chief attacks Locke.  Locke authorizes lethal force on Blue Team.
Boss Battle:  Defeat Blue Team(Blue Team is holding back, just trying to injure Osiris not kill them).  Linda snipes,  Kelly is really fast, Fred has very high armor.  Chief has decent armor and speed.  
Cutscene:  Chief gets Blue Team to retreat as Chief escapes by himself in a ghost.  Infinity warps in.  UNSC detects Locke.  UNSC arrives to help Locke.  Locke says Osiris needs a vehicle.
Gameplay:  Chase Chief in a warthog run.  Vale questions Locke since Locke is extremely angry.  Locke says he's not letting this target get away.  Buck says this is not just another target.  Locke orders Osiris to keep moving.  Covenant warp in.  Jul Mdama's ship spotted.  Massive battle in sky above.  Keep driving.  
Cutscene: Chief enters a Guardian through a teleporter.  Osiris enters the Guardian as well.
Boss Battle: Defeat the Master Chief.
Cutscene:  Locke injures Chief and cracks his visor.  Chief easily defeats all of Osiris in hand to hand combat.  Prometheans attack. Buck, Tanaka, and Vale begin to run but Locke rushes the Chief.  A knight almost kills Locke, but Buck saves him.  Locke looks at Chief and turns around.  Osiris exits the Guardian.  Guardians are warping in everywhere.  Chief looks at a reflective metal and sees his cracked visor.  Chief pilots the Guardian and causes it to crash into another one.  Chief exits the Guardian as it is destroyed.  Cortana sees this and is furious.
Mission 11: Survival: Blue Team:  Genisys
Cutscene: Chief meets with Blue Team.  
Gameplay: A crawler horde attacks.  Run from the crawler horde.  Escape the horde.  Survive the phaeton bombing.  Defeat the attacking knights.  Fight up the hill against overwhelming promethan forces.  Destroy the anti-air guns that are shooting down UNSC.  Get in a banshee or a phaeton.
Cutscene: Blue Team flies towards the Control Guardian.  Control Guardian about to cause an EMP.  Jul Mdama swears allegiance to Cortana.  Cortana tells Jul to warp to Earth.  Osiris boards Infinity as it warps away.  The Covenant warp away.  The Control Guardian causes an EMP causing Chief and Blue Team to crash.  
Gameplay: Exit the canyon you landed in.  Survive the Covenant onslaught.  Fight towards the Control Guardian.  Outrun the Phaeton bombing.  Get to the teleporter that leads to the Control Guardian.  
Cutscene: Blue Team enters the Control Guardian and confront Cortana.  Cortana gives Chief one last chance to end this.  Chief says Cortana can end this.  Cortana says the galaxy needs a leader, and she is that leader.  Chief says she may not have been cured of rampancy after all.  Cortana becomes furious.  Cortana starts to move a teleporter towards Chief to capture him.  Chief runs.  Blue Team blows a hole in Control Guardian and jumps out.  They hit the ground fast.
Gameplay: Blue Team gets up slowly.  They see a cryptum heading towards them.  Escape the promethean horde.  Linda sees an AA gun in the distance.  Battle to the AA gun.  Get the gun online.  Shoot the crypt.
Cutscene: The Crypt crashes to the ground.  Cortana sees this and realizes Chief won't help her.  She starts to get upset, but stops and appears to get angry.  She prepares to teleport the Control Guardian to Earth.  Blue Team finds the ONI ship they came to Genisys on.  Linda and Kelly get it working.  Chief flies it to the Control Guardian.  The Control Guardian shoots it down.  Chief crashes it into the Control Guardian as it warps.  
Mission 12: Guardian: Blue Team: Control Guardian
Gameplay: Climb/parkour up the Control Guardian.  Find an entrance inside.  Fight through the Control Guardian.  Exit onto the wing of the Guardian.  Fight Phaetons and prometheans up the wing.  Fight to the head of the Control Guardian. Enter the head.  Fight into the control room.
Boss Battle: Defeat Cortana.  Cortana can shoot blue lasers, freeze you by shooting you with a white laser, and summon shields.  
Cutscene:  Chief has the chance to kill Cortana, but hesitates, Cortana gets the upper hand and shoots Chief with a laser.  Linda shoots Cortana, injuring her.  Fred and Kelly drag Chief out of the control room as prometheans swarm to protect Cortana.  They all take Phaetons.  The Control Guardian is descending to the Capital City on Earth.  Blue Team is shot down by Jul Mdama's ship.  They crash land in the Capital.
Mission 13: Assault:
Blue Team & Fireteam Osiris:
Cutscene: Massive battle between Infinity and a UNSC fleet versus Mdama's fleet.  Arbiter's fleet warps in.  Lasky needs a way to disable the Control Guardian's shields.  Cortana has positioned Guardians across the galaxy, preparing to knock out all communications, and so the Guardians can destroy any revolters.  Locke sees Mdama's ship, and has an idea.  Lasky asks Locke if he has any idea.  Locke says he always gets his target.  Osiris heads to Arbiter's ship.  Locke asks for Arbiter's help assaulting Mdama's ship.  Arbiter agrees.
Gameplay: Fireteam Osiris: Use a banshee and board Jul Mdama's massive flagship.  Enter the hangar.  Clear the hangar.  Fight alongside the Arbiter to the control room.  Battle through a large corridor(Wraiths, Ghosts).  Fight to the control room.  Fight through Mdama's royal guards.  Enter the Control room.
Boss Battle: Kill Jul Mdama.  He can turn invisible, move very fast, throw three plasma grenades at once, use an energy shield.
Cutscene: Arbiter versus Jul Mdama. Arbiter stabs and kills Mdama.  Arbiter declares the war almost over.  Locke orders Vale to set the flagship on a collision course with the Control Guardian.  
Gameplay:  Escape the flagship before it crashes.
Cutscene: Blue Team sees the flagship crash into the Control Guardian.  Lasky orders Infinity to focus all fire on the Control Guardian.  The Control Guardian starts an EMP, as well as all 100 Guardians across the galaxy.  The UNSC fleet, including Infinity crash.  Arbiter's fleet warps out.  The Covenant crash.  Blue Team sees Infinity crash next to the Capital City.  Chief says that Infinity has enough firepower to shoot down the Guardian if they caan get it back online(Knights of Cydonia starts to play in the background).  Blue Team agrees they need to do this.
Gameplay:Blue Team: (Main art of Knights of Cydonia starts playing(Noone's gonna take me alive)) Blue Team exits the building.  Prometheans start assaulting the capital.  UNSC burst through a nearby wall.  They see Chief and are confused.  A scorpion shoots down a phaeton.  A kraken starts destroying things(if you look closely you can see two soldiers board).  Keep fighting the promethean horder.  The Kraken comes back but explodes and crashes in front of you(if you look closely you can see the soldiers jump out of the kraken but they get killed in the explosion).  Fight through the Kraken's remains.  Enter another building(Knights of Cydonia finishes).  Fight down the street with the UNSC.  Massive battle between Covenant, UNSC, Prometheans, and Swords of Sanghelios(Scorpions, warthogs, mantises, mongeese, wraiths, ghosts, banshees, phaetons). Fight to Infinity.  Get Infinity's main gun online.
Cutscene: Lasky notices the main gun is online and orders Roland to fire.  Infinity shoots the Control Guardian with all of the firepower it can muster.  The Control Guardian collapses onto the city.  Cortana teleports out of the Control Guardian as it collapses.  All of the Guardians across the galaxy deactivate and collapse since the Control Guardian was destroyed.  Locke, Osiris, Lasky, Halsey, and Palmer all gather around Chief.  The Arbiter warps back and sees the destruction.   He tries to contact Sanghelios but the power is out.  Lasky orders the Chief's arrest, regretfully.  The Chief surrenders to Locke without hesitation.  The Master Chief, by awakening the Control Guardian, caused 8.3 billion deaths across the galaxy.  The Master Chief is sent to life in a maximum security prison, with Blue Team sent for 50 years.  Communication is out across the galaxy.  Locke is awarded as a hero.  Locke returns to Infinity, but throws is medal to Buck and walks out.  The Arbiter visits Chief in prison.  The Arbiter looks at Chief, but then walks away.  (You don't see Chief since he has no armor on.  Kelly jokes that they could easily escape.  Chief says the UNSC knows, and they have nothing to worry about.  Cortana puts a Halo Ring in standby mode.

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Jesus Christ. This is very extensive and incredibly impressive. Keep it up :)


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