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Halo wars 2: My Ideas

Halowars2 Galaxy Galacticconquest Conquest Freeplay

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#1 Caleb Franklyn

Caleb Franklyn


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Posted 20 September 2015 - 05:37 AM

Since halo wars 2 is really far away I just want to make some game suggestions for 343.

1. A galactic conquest.
Anybody that played star wars empire at war would know what this is. But if not let me explain. A galactic conquest is where you have a map of a galaxy and you have to gain control over all of the planets in that map using units that you create using the planets. You also gain money based on how many planets you control. You use ships to gain control of the planets orbit and ground troops to gain control of the surface. I think it would work great with halo.

2. A free play / patrol game type.
This properly won't work but why not suggest it. I think you should have a gamemode where you choose a planet and a base has already been built and you create units to explore the world's of halo.

All of my ideas are based of planet exploration and infinite possibilities of this amazing franchise. I will update this post once more ideas pop into my head but in the mean time if you guys can improve my suggestions, which you most defiantly will, please do. Please don't give me hate. These are my opinions. If you find them horrible tell me why. Otherwise that is hate and it will be ignored. Thank you guys.

#2 Triston



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Posted 02 March 2016 - 01:28 AM

I would like it as well. Personally, I would love both command levels of ground fights and focusing on them, but also going out to a air or even space battle happening near-by.


A conquest mode would be hard to pull-off in real-time. But my solution to so no one get's knocked out easily during those games where if you go offline you can be taken out easily, should either multiply unit strength by 5 times so they pretty much equal their normal damage of if someone was using their abilities and fighting, or they could simply put shields around their units that is too powerful to break, even with say 100 scarubs attacking it at once if you wanna pound at ONE unit for 5 hours go for it. But it would also mean his units don't fight back either.



It's a nice idea really. And the ability to make custom units and leaders, custom leader powers and everything else would be nice as well. Perhaps even something like in a free play mode like you said would be neat to just explore and random encounter other players, making allies and such if you want. Granite can still fight, but I doubt very much ya know?


A free mode to explore would be nice too, maybe you can have your own private version of it where you can have up to 9 other friends join in on it for 10 players and can always "Save" your progress including random encounters with other races on it as well.

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