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What happened to Dominion??


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#1 LainaLynne



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Posted 04 October 2013 - 02:40 AM

What happened to dominion?????? I got on to play some dominion yesterday and the whole playlist was gone. Can someone please tell me why.... WHY they would get rid of that playlist??? It had better be coming back. Someone please shed some light on this.


Also, i'm becoming increasingly angry with the fact they keep messing with Halo 4 matchmaking playlists and such. My reasons are:

1. Team Regicide. Best playlist ever. Loved it. It was the ONLY playlist I actually enjoyed playing and what happens?? They take it away and throw it in with some other playlists. Which sucked because CTF would get voted instead. Now I don't even know if team regicide even exists anymore.

2. Dominion: Lockdown. Ya'll added lockdown which all my friends and I loved but then they had to go in and change it, taking away radar.

3. Dominion.... or the lack thereof. Its gone. And that is a very horrible saddening thing for my group of friends and I.


Why do they have to come in and keep changing the game and playlists. Just let it be. We were happy with the way things were. Quit ruining Halo people!

#2 Brandon Messenger

Brandon Messenger


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Posted 04 October 2013 - 02:49 AM

I could not agree with you more.
343 has really dropped the ball on halo 4.
I suggest some new leadership with who ever makes these types of changes to the game. I used to love playing halo. Now all I see is CTF crap left and right. Bring back playlists for dominion and team regicide. You are losing fans fast.

#3 Absolute Dog

Absolute Dog


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Posted 04 October 2013 - 07:17 AM

Dominion has been removed as it's own play list and will be included in a rotation, I believe, with BTB soon, if it is not there already. I have been away for a few days.


As for other play lists being removed or having their game types changed, they state they are either following numbers of players in a play list or 'community' feed back.


I understand your frustration and know how you feel as with any of these types of changes they are simply ignoring those who have/are playing the games and enjoying them as they are. When they combine play lists together, especially when one game type out performs others it is combined with, you get no selection as you have stated. 


My suggestion to you, if you are true fans of a particular play list, is to look into custom games being played for that game type. As for Dominion, we are currently judging a good list of new maps for that game type and will soon have the winners posted and run a dedicated Dominion lobby in custom gaming. Stay tuned for more Dominion details as that is a game type we fully support here.

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