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Multiplayer Maps

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Attached Image: Now fully dedicated to supporting the war effort, this mining vessel once served the UNSC's colonization efforts.


Attached Image: Initial surveys of Erebus VII were promising and hopeful, but the events which followed tell a far darker story.


Attached Image: Galileo's Compartmentalized layout benefits protracted defensive stands in the unlikely event of an attack.


Attached Image: Sites like this allow researchers the ability the closely observe a world's inner workings prior to colonization.


Attached Image: Stranded on a remote world, a handful of survivors managed to use their ship's debris to thrive long after the crash.


Attached Image: 192.168.1.ddd104-image7.png Hidden deep within the clouds, harmonic resonance platforms are believed to sustain the existence of artificial stars.


Attached Image: 192.168.1.jjj104-image8.png Collision craters rarely elicit the need for embedded teams, but the contents of this particular site demanded it.


Attached Image: ggg.png Powerful channel-based mass drivers like these were once used to launch monitoring relays deep into space.


Attached Image: 192.168ddd.1.104-image10.png The catastrophic effects of this reactor's systemic breakdown will eventually rend this icy moon into pieces.


Attached Image: 192.168.h1.104-image11.png Now integrated into the War Games simulation, this curiously hidden gorge was once the site of Spartan deployment.


Attached Image: 192.167778.1.104-image12.png Seismic scans indicate that these looming citadels only hint at the enormous structure which lies beneath.


Attached Image: 192.1iii68.1.104-image13.png A testament to the Forerunners' technological prowess, this installation was designed to suspend the death of a star.


Attached Image: s.png ONI personnel remain convinced that these ancient structures somehow harness the planet's torrential wind for power.