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Campaign Maps

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  Map Name Map Image Map Description


Attached Image: Catherine Halsey is interrogated deep within a secret ONI facility.


Attached Image: After four years adrift in space, Cortana awakens the Master Chief to investigate a disturbance on the Forward Unto Dawn


Attached Image: Having survived the destruction of the Dawn, Master Chief and Cortana search for a way off of the mysterious Forerunner planet.


Attached Image: Master Chief tracks the Infinity's signal to Requiem's core in the hopes of returning Cortana to Earth to address her rampancy.


Attached Image: Following the Didact to Infinity's crash site, Chief and Cortana descend into the surrounding swamp to rescue UNSC survivors.


Attached Image: Infinity sends the Master Chief and Gypsy Company to neutralize the gravity well keeping them on Requiem.


Attached Image: As Infinity flees Requiem and Cortana's rampancy worsens, Master Chief struggles to stop the Didact from pursuing the Composer.


Attached Image: The Master Chief's pursuit of the Didact leads him to a UNSC science station orbiting Halo Installation 03.


Attached Image: With the Composer in the Didact's possession, Chief and Cortana must destroy the device before he turns it on his next target.


Attached Image: After the destruction of New Phoenix, and the death of Cortana, Master Chief must carry on.